Antonio Brown’s Ex-Fiancé Chelsie Kyriss Slams the Footballer for His Violent Behavior

Kyriss, Antonio Brown’s ex-fiancée, is outing him.

Wide receiver for the American football team Antonio Brown is currently in the news online after his ex-fiancée Chelsie Kyriss uploaded a spooky Instagram image. Kyriss highlighted the 34-year-old athlete’s violent tendencies in the post.

Additionally, Brown has been the center of attention in the NFL for several weeks. However, the football player hasn’t commented on Kyriss’ post. On Instagram, Kyriss exposed the football pl

ayer’s violent tendencies and called him out for them.

People are therefore interested in learning more about the entire drama involving Antonio Brown and his ex-fiance, Kyriss. To learn everything, continue reading till the very end.

How Did the Controversy Between Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown Begin?

Antonio Brown’s sharing of a snapshot of Chelsie Kyriss’ 2016 texts with another guy sparked a dispute between the football player and his ex-fiance. He exposed Kyriss on Snapchat by posting the screenshot there.

His ex-fiancée then addressed the accusations by uploading the picture on her Instagram story. Kyriss also informed her fans of Brown’s actions in a post. “You people think that having a man with money is everything; I’d rather have a man with morals and boundaries. A man I can trust in my face and behind my back. A man that’s not going to embarrass me, a man that’s ain’t going play about me OR with me. A man that respects but also values me,” she said.

Currently, Kyriss has also charged Brown with acting violently. So let’s investigate it more.

Antonio Brown was charged with violent behavior by Chelsie Kyriss.

In her initial post, Chelsie Kyriss wrote, “For 11 years I have sat here and said nothing, allowing him to destroy my character, I allowed him to depict me whatever he has wanted to, but today I’m over it.”

I have been nothing but patient with you, no matter how it made me look, she wrote in another post. “Outrageous, at 34, and still acting like this. And all you can do is build a false narrative about me and bring up messages from 2016 since you have nothing else.”

The chilling post can’t be found on her Instagram handle, but the news went viral on social media, which can still be explored on the internet. At the time of this post, Brown has not responded to the claims, but some of his followers are waiting for it. Apart from that, they were together for some years in the past. So, let’s peek into their relationship timeline.

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown’s Relationship Explored

Well, Antonio Brown’s personal life—specifically, his romance with Chelsie Kyriss—got him greater attention from the media. Regarding their relationship, the two made various headlines, including Kyriss’ claims that Brown was acting strangely and having an affair.

Since 2012, they have been in an intermittent relationship. Additionally, the former couple is the parents of three devoted kids. After dating Kyriss for a while, Brown proposed in 2020 and made a big Instagram announcement.

Brown’s ex-fiance and he are currently apart.