Are Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez Still Together:”Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Season 3 of the Netflix series “Love Is Blind” It was clear from their initial conversation in Episode One that Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden would become engaged.

Real estate investor Nancy Rodriguez participated in season three of Love Is Blind in search of love. She first clicks on the show with Andrew and Bartise. Rodriguez also works as a speech therapist and has had several long-term partnerships; the longest of them lasted for eight years.

Rodriguez said she had donated eggs in the past as participants exchanged personal info in the pods. As we know, in the first four episodes of Love Is Blind’s third season, sincere conversations a

bout each other’s pasts result in some lovely ties.

There was one such sincere conversation between Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden. For your knowledge, Bowden works as a Senior Analyst for a healthcare organization and came to the Netflix show in search of a funny partner. Since we’ve covered Rodriguez’s relationship with Bowden below, Love Is Blind fans are curious to learn more.

Love Is Blind Season 3: Nancy Rodriguez’s Relationship With Bartise Bowden

Nancy Rodriguez, however, rose to media fame after joining Netflix’s Love Is Blind for season 3. Rodriguez made the decision to ignore Bowden’s youth in the television show, and the two got married. They also talk briefly about how many children they hope to have in the future.

Not to mention, Rodriguez has some reservations about Bowden’s age because she is 31 while he is only 25. Rodriguez pauses for a long moment before responding that she wouldn’t typically accept a date from a man that young when Bowden reveals that he is a younger man.

They are currently happily engaged, according to Women’s Health. As a result, Love Is Blind viewers are now curious to learn if the couple is still together or not.

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Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez still together?

Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez are keeping a lot of things under wraps. Both of them have avoided all of these inquiries about their dating lives as of the time of this writing. We, therefore don’t know if they are still together or not.

We can assume that Rodriguez and Bowden are still dating because they follow each other on social media. Similar to this, some Love Is Blind viewers inquire about their marital status. Early November sees the airing of the finale and reunion. So, we should watch the final episode of the Netflix series to find out the truth.

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden Struggle With Their Age Gap

The public’s interest in the age difference between Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden is growing daily, much like their relationship. Bowden is 27 years old, while Rodriguez is 32.

Their age difference was a major topic in the Netflix series, which led many viewers to wonder about their relationship as well. However, several of their supporters defended the couple, claiming that age is irrelevant to true love. Some of them used social media to discuss their age differences.