Billschannel’s age: How Old is American Youtuber?

Billschannel (Bill Day) is 62 years old Well Known American filmmaker and YouTuber.

Missionary Positions (2005), Rubber Jungle (1994), and Saviors of the Forest (1993) are just a few of the films and television shows he has directed that are well-known.

On his YouTube account, Billschannel has 2.62 million subscribers. He started on February 4, 2009, and as of right now, he has 997,428,506 views.

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He also has a fair amount of fame on Instagram. He can be found on Twitter under the handle @billshannel1, where he has 11.1k followers and follows 39 people in return. On his account, 76 posts have been made in total. On September 13, 2021, he published his most recent Instagram post. BillsChannel’s official Instagram account is listed in his bio. He frequently posts his own photos on Instagram.

The YouTuber helped Marcheline Bertrand raise James Haven and Angelina Jolie during their brief romance. Jon Voight and Johnny Ramone are just a couple of the famous persons Bill has published YouTube videos about.

Age of Billschannel: How Old Is He?

Billschannel was born to his loving parents on September 12, 1959, in New York, United States. He is now 62 years old.

Bill’s zodiac sign, as determined by his birthdate and astrologers, is Libra. He created an Instagram account and posted updates about his life as well as videos of himself. When he first posted a picture to the report in May 2016, it already had over 10,000 followers. Due to his dedication and talent, he has been able to amass a large following.

He is a documentary filmmaker who works for the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. For CNN, he produced a documentary on the Osa Peninsula. In February 2009, he launched his YouTube page and uploaded his debut video, “Goa Hippies from 60s.”

Billschannel Net Worth In 2022: How Does He Make Money?

  • Billschannel is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $100 thousand.
  • He makes the majority of his money through his YouTube channel and from his filmmaking skills as well.
  • The projection of $100,000 is solely dependent on YouTube ad revenue.
  • In truth, Billschannel’s total income can perhaps be much higher.
  • When other income sources for an influencer are considered, some estimates put Billschannel’s earnings closer to $250,000.He has worked very hard to get into the position that he is in now.
  • The Sundance Film Festival featured the documentary Saviors of the Forest, directed by him.
  • Day’s YouTube channel contains some very famous and most viewed videos like ‘Swimming with a Mermaid,’ in which Bill is seen swimming with a famous swimmer named Mermaid Melissa, and ‘Animal Soldiers,’ where Bill talks about how to keep the animals safe.

How Much Does Billschannel Earn?

  • Billschannel earns a good amount of money every month.
  • The average number of views for Billschannel’s YouTube channel per month is 214.79k, with 7.16k views per day.
  • These calculations allow us to determine that Blschannel earns $859 every month, or $12.89 thousand annually.
  • Billschannel is a very talented person who began his career as a filmmaker; now, he is a YouTuber.
  • Bill has been active on YouTube since 2009 and is still doing a great job.
  • Day worked as a field producer for Hopkins 24/7, a documentary television program.

What Is Billschannel’s Real Name?

American YouTuber Billschannel’s real name is Bill Day, but his physical appearance shows he looks between 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Real Or Fake is the main series on Billschannel, which has been running from about 2015–2016. In each episode, Bill uses Adobe Photoshop to determine whether user-submitted videos or photographs are real or fake.