Clix Reported To Have Failed 2 Relationships in a Single Day! More on His Drama With Andrew Tate

Clix is a well-known American Twitch streamer who has a sizable fan base. Clix must have crossed your way if you are a Twitch user.

Despite his account getting banned multiple times on Twitch, he has never kept his foot ongoing.

Clix is an accomplished gamer with profound accomplishments. Despite enjoying a larger following base, the streamer appears to have quite an unstable history of relationships.

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Relationships and love seem to be forced into his life from a completely different world. All of his admirers have been interested in most of his unsuccessful relationships.

Read the article below to know more about his relationship.

Clix Gets Cheated On By His First Girlfriend

Clix was set to host a live stream with Andrew Tate, another well-known YouTuber, on July 21. Clix even kept his users in suspense has to get talking about introducing another person into his stream.

But that unexpected visitor was none other than Darla, his girlfriend. On the live stream, Tate started forcing the young people to kiss. Furthermore, he even approached Darla and asked if she would be interested in hitting up a real male her age (he was basically talking about himself).

All of these angered Clix and he acclaimed AndrewTate as weird. Till then, everything seemed pretty normal amid the lovers as arrogance settled down and everyone got back to their business.

Soon after the stream, he tweeted a picture of himself and Darla along with the caption “No longer a virgin” on social media.

These all occurred on July 21. He had no idea, though, that he was about to get the worst surprise of his life when, on July 22, he recognized that his “girlfriend” had Darren Zaldivar as a lover.

She never let him question her assumption. Even approaching her on her live stream, he surrounded her with challenging inquiries. All of them were acknowledged, and she admitted to lying.

However, for now, all her posts with her so-called boyfriend are deleted. But, the tragedy does not end up here, as Clix finds another girlfriend way too soon.

Clix’s Beef With His Second Girlfriend

He found another female, Lina, out of ego the day he was cheated. Since both had planned to join the stream at the same time, they actually did. Lina, his 17-year-old wife, was with Clix.

She entered the stream 23 minutes before Clix was observed looking at Zaldivar and his ex-girlfriend Darla’s posts. Even asking if her new boyfriend was cuter than him, he polled the audience.

Lina was now in his stream as time faded away. Until Clix took serious action to send her away, they were having a rather great conversation.

What is Clix’s Real Name? His YouTube Journey

On January 5, 2005, Cody Conrod, also known as Clix, was born in the United States. The Internet doesn’t provide a lot of information on his parents.

According to rumors, his father’s name is Zeus. The identity of his mother is also kept a secret. As of 2022, he will be seventeen years old. Aside from that, little is known about his family or siblings.

His educational history has not yet been revealed in full. On November 11, 2017, the seventeen-year-old began his YouTube career.

On April 21, 2018, he posted his very first video. Since then, his presence has proven to be effective yet glorifying. While he makes every effort to achieve his professional goals, his love life has been a total failure. Which we have already discussed above.