DadlifeJason: Who Is He? What We Know About The American TikTok Star

Jason Linton, as DadlifeJason, is a parent to his adoptive biracial children.

Linton utilizes TikTok to promote motivational tales about inclusivity, parenthood, youth, and education.

Whether it’s through funny dancing routines or his trademark “talk box” music session, Linton wants viewers to feel like they’re a part of his family’s regular existence, a

s his account @dadlifejason suggests.

Linton finds a passion for social justice and support for vulnerable populations in today’s youngsters, which gives him hope for the future. He thinks of TikTok as a giant classroom where he can learn something new every day, including stuff about his family.

Who Is DadlifeJason?

  • Dad life Jason, a 44-year-old Oklahoman comedian, and TikTok celebrity is also the father of his adopted children.
  • He is highly recognized for his humorous and family-friendly videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Jason worked as a special education teacher before beginning his career as a content creator for TikTok in 2019.
  • Through his videos, he hopes to spread awareness about family, life, parenting, and children.
  • Due to their struggles with infertility, he and his wife Patience chose to adopt three children of various races, creating the interracial Linton family.
  • Jason frequently uses a vocal talk box to add interest to his videos, which deliver a clear message to the community.
  • His kids are usually featured in his videos.
  • The parents must contend with a barrage of negative remarks on social media about why they adopted a daughter who is not of their race.
  • The father and daughter continued by saying that despite their diverse racial origins, they are still related and that they belong together.
  • We have no right to criticize their family dynamic simply because they are a different race and value their family’s variety.
  • Jason was so pleased with his daughter’s answer that he made the assumption that she might someday work as a judge.
  • He was unaware of the profound effect his recordings would have on people’s lives, especially while they were under quarantine.
  • On his verified TikTok account as of 2022, Jason has more than 12.3 million followers.
  • His funny comedy videos have amused over 216.2 million viewers.
  • He is also available on YouTube and Instagram.

Jason is married to Patience, his wife.

On August 1st, 2022, Jason and his wife will celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary. In front of his mother and other family members, they recreate their wedding and exchange new vows.

Unfortunately, neither he nor her father was there to see how much they loved each other.

Jason Linton is the real name of the American TikTok star DadlifeJason.

Popular TikTok star DadlifeJason’s real name is Jason Linton.

Along with his wife, two kids, and son, he resides in Oklahoma.
According to Sportskeeda, Jason and his wife Patience adopted a total of 11 children after struggling with infertility.
Eight of the eleven went home to their biological families.
Harper (age 11), Christian (age 11), and Lillian (age 7) are Jason’s current adopted children (13).
Most of Jason’s videos feature Lillian, who is consistently upbeat and intelligent.

Linton and his wife are of a different race from his two adopted children, and one of their kids has special needs, defying the norm of Oklahoman families.
To watch his comedic videos, follow him on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.
His enlightening observations on parenting and life, in general, can also benefit you.
Through his posts, he has motivated a lot of foster parents and kids, and many of them have written back to thank him for his love of family.

DadlifeJason’s Net Worth, How Does He Make Money?

DadlifeJason has been estimated to be worth around $1 million as of 2022. His TikTok accounts for a significant portion of his income, but specifics about his TikTok earnings are not yet available.

His other sources of income include brand collaborations, promotions, and sponsorships. He previously worked as a special education teacher.

Jason Derulo has 12.3 million followers on TikTok with 216.2million likes as of October 2022. To earn $100,000, you must have at least 10,000 TikTok subscribers and over 270 million views per year.

Jason is not very active on YouTube with only 15k subscribers. So, his monthly earnings are estimated to be around $74 and yearly earnings are around $885.