What happened to Seal that caused extensive scarring?

Seal is a songwriter and musician best known for his hit songs Crazy and Killer, but the obvious scars on his face have also drawn attention.

The British-born musician began his singing career by performing in local clubs and bars. When he joined the British funk band Push, his career took off.

Olusegun Obasanjo Adeola Samuel, better known by his stage name Seal, has won three Brit Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards, four Grammy Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award.

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He has sold over 20 million records globally and is noted for his unusual soulful singing voice. In addition, he served as a coach on The Voice Australia in 2012 and 2013.

Why are there scars on Seal’s face?

Seal is a well-known singer, but the scars on his face have people wondering how he got them.

The scars on Seal’s face are caused by discoid lupus erythematosus. The condition is a prevalent chronic skin lupus disorder characterized by red, painful, inflamed, and coin-shaped patches of skin.

The skin patches have a scaly and crusty appearance and are typically found on the scalp, cheeks, and ears.

Similarly, one of the drawbacks of the condition is that people with darker skin are more prone to extensive scarring and skin color changes even after the lesions have healed.

The musician spoke to the Guardian about the scars on his face. He confessed that he got it because he had discoid lupus erythematosus.

He contracted the sickness when he was 21 years old and didn’t give it much thought because he wasn’t aware of it. He then went to see a doctor on Harley Street and found out about his illness.

The physicians prescribed him the necessary medications, which helped him get rid of lupus but left him with scars. He is proud of his flaws and has not let them discourage him.

He termed the scars on his face battle marks and explained to his children that he received them while fighting bad demons.

Who Is Seal’s Wife?

On May 10, 2005, Seal married Heidi Klum.

Seal began dating Klum in 2004, and the couple married the following year after dating for about a year.

Heidi didn’t mind the scars on his face because she adored how gentle he was, which insured he would protect her and her children.

Heidi was pregnant from a prior relationship when they married, but Seal welcomed her child as his own.

They had two children together, and reports of their breakup began to circulate when Seal posted The End.

After nearly seven years of marriage, both couples announced their divorce in 2012, just a few months after the tweet.

After the divorce, the singer has not married anyone, but he was thought to be seeing his former personal assistant Laura Strayer.

They were photographed walking hand in hand around the South of France, according to page six. Similarly, they appeared to be out and about in town, as Laura was carrying a variety of bags. Heidi married Tom Kaulitz in 2019 and they have a happy marriage.

Seal’s Net Worth In 2022

Seal’s net worth is expected to be $40 million in 2022.

He has gained his name and popularity in the music world since 1847.

In 2019, he paid more than $3.5 million for a 3,600-square-foot private mountaintop vista in Topanga, California.

He and his ex-wife once owned a mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, but it was sold for $24 million following their divorce.

He has made a lot of money through his CD sales as a coach on The Voice and other shows. He is living a comfortable life.