What Is Larry Roach’s Job ? Street Outlaws Cast Career Earnings and Net Worth

With his enormous net worth, which is in the six figures, Larry “Axman” Roachman, who is active in many different industries, leads a luxurious life.

Virginia-born Larry Roach gained attention after joining the Street Outlaws. He is a racer, as we all know, and he grew up in a garage, where he also learned how to manufacture vehicles. He, therefore, built and repaired automobiles before starting racing.

Furthermore, Roach appeared in the first season of Street Outlaws, and he instantly became fans’ favorite. Apart from that, he also runs his own business. So, if you are here to learn more about hi

s professional life, keep reading the article till the end.

Larry Roach Age and Wiki-Bio

In the US state of Virginia, Larry Roach was born. Roach is an American citizen. In addition, Roach is known by his nickname Axman. His familial history is mostly unknown because Roach has kept it a secret.

Furthermore, Roach developed a passion for racing at a very young age. As a result of his lifelong love in motorsport, he eventually became professionally involved in it. He later raced in 275 drag radials and owned a 64 Chevy Nova as well. As was already mentioned, Roach has a second company that generates a healthy profit.

What Is Larry Roach’s Job?

As was already mentioned, Larry Roach’s nickname is  Axman. So, as his nickname suggests, he runs a logging company. According to rumors, he is the proprietor of Axman Enterprises. Axman and Axlady is the name of the YouTube channel where he broadcasts films about his daily jobs.

Roach also opened a YouTube channel and began uploading videos there with his wife. Fans were startled to learn that Roach had another business and enquired as to whether he was active in any other industries.

Street Outlaws’ Larry Roach Net Worth

With his dual careers as a television personality and business owner, Larry Roach earns a sizable income. According to reports, Roach is thought to be worth at least $1 million.

As far as we know, he also has a YouTube channel where he can make some money. A logger makes, on average, $39,833 per year in the United States. Roach might therefore make more than the average salary because he owns Axman Enterprises.

Roach has achieved success in his life, but there is also a person who has helped him succeed for a very long period. His wife is the one in question. Discover more about their marriage below.

Larry Roach and His Wife Shares Three Children

Sarah, Larry Roach’s wife, and they have been together for a very long period. In June 2016, they exchanged vows and made their way down the aisle. They dated for a while before getting engaged. Roach and his wife have already begun a family, and they are the proud parents of three children, named Nitro, Cam, and Nova.

Roach acknowledged his wife in an interview and thanked her, adding that his wife is the reason why his racing career is still going strong. It is evident from this that the couple is leading a very fulfilling life and that they are still quite happy.

In addition, Sarah is a qualified Crossfit trainer, running marathons and competing in weightlifting events. exercising, therefore, seems to be a big part of her life as well.