Who is Kenley Matheson? About the Kenley Matheson Documentary

Kenley Matheson was a 21-year-old freshman student at Acadia University in 1992.

He disappeared in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, off Main Street two weeks into the 1992–93 academic year. Since then, no one has seen him.

On September 21, 1992, he stepped outside Crowell Tower sporting a nylon Helly Hansen jacket, blue jeans, a red and black rucksack, and a pair of brown loafers. In his left ear, he was also sporting a go

ld hoops earring.

There is currently a five-episode documentary series called Missing Kenley that centers on that mystery and the life of Kenley Matheson.

Local audiences can see the documentary from September 20 to 21.

About the Kenley Matheson Documentary

According to producer Ron Lamothe, the public premiere will take place at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax, while the Wolfville premiere will take place at the Al Whittle Theatre on the real 30th anniversary of Kenley’s abduction.

Along with family members, Lamothe promises to attend.

Kayrene Willis, Kenley’s sister, was a student at Acadia when her brother disappeared.

20-year-old Kenley was from Glendale in Inverness County. Did he commit suicide or did he leave on his own? Was he killed by a person he knew or someone he had just met?

Lamothe remarked that there have been numerous possibilities, but no witnesses have come forward, no suspects have risen, and no leads have materialized. He has never had access to his $4,000 bank account.

About ten years ago, independent Massachusetts filmmaker Lamothe became intrigued by Kenley’s tale and needed to gather money to develop and film the documentary.

He produced the 2007 film Call of the Wild, which is about a young guy who perished in the wilderness of Alaska.

According to Lamothe, Matheson was a vivacious, perceptive, and intrepid individual who found the story captivating.

He claimed, “Nobody is ever discovered, and it is still a mystery what happened to him that Sunday night.

The case is still unresolved, ranking among the biggest in this nation.

In 2012, the Nova Scotia Department of Justice added Matheson’s disappearance to its list of major unsolved crimes and announced a reward of up to $150,000 for information that would result in the capture and conviction of those involved.

Lamothe stated that the movie will also be released digitally on multiple platforms, such as Amazon, GooglePlay, TubiTV, Roku, Vudu, Redbox, and PlutoTV, concurrently with the public premieres in order to make the series as accessible as possible for Canadian consumers this fall.