Who Is Natalie Sinclair? Learn About Trevor Sinclair’s Wife

Trevor Sinclair a Professional footballer, coach, and analyst is married to Natalie Sinclair. The couple has three children and has been married for more than 21 years.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, Natalie Sinclair’s husband and former England winger Trevor Sinclair caused a huge uproar on social media with an odd post.

People were outraged by his statement that they shouldn’t mourn the Queen’s passing, and many criticized the former player for sending out the tweet so soon after the queen’s passing.<


Natalie Sinclair Wiki -Who Is She?

As Trevor Sinclair’s wife, Natalie Sinclair is well-known. In 2004, Sinclair was taken into custody on suspicion of hitting his wife Natalie.

Police were called to the Manchester City winger’s Lower Withington, Cheshire, home early on Saturday morning. Before being released under police bail until August 25, he was arrested and questioned by authorities.

Sinclair, 31, reportedly got into a fight with his wife Natalie at a party and was subdued. However, Natalie and Trevor are still together after the incident.

In another incident, Trevor was taken into custody by the police for acting inappropriately around them. He was sentenced to 150 hours of community service, which he diligently completed at the charity shop nearby the incident. During his difficult time, his wife helped him out.

What Is The Age Of Trevor Sinclair’s Wife Natalie Sinclair? Do They Have Children

Natalie Sinclair and her 49-year-old husband Trevor might be close in age. Although Natalie appears a little younger, the estimate places her age somewhere between 45 and 48.

In a tweet from 2022, Trevor wished Natalie and her husband a happy 21st wedding anniversary. Happy 21st wedding anniversary, Natalie, he wrote. We exchanged vows and promised to do our best to raise our sons together.

The tweet also revealed that Natalie and Trevor have three grown sons, all of whom are about the same height. According to the tweet, the couple has raised their three sons in a structured environment.

Sky, one of their sons, followed in his father’s footsteps by signing a professional contract with Blackpool. The 18-year-professional old’s contract hasn’t been officially announced by the club, but Trevor, who started his career at Bloomfield Road, rushed to social media to share his happiness.

Trevor Sinclair And His Wife Natalie Sinclair’s Net Worth

The combined wealth of Trevor Sinclair and his wife Natalie Sinclair may exceed $5 million. The amount is derived from his contract from his earlier days as a football player, so it may or may not be accurate.

Trevor Sinclair, whose wife Natalie’s occupation is unknown, was a talented player in his day. In 1993, Sinclair broke Blackpool’s transfer record by moving to Queens Park Rangers for £600,000.