Who Is Thiago Santos’s Wife -Is He Married To Yana Kunitskaya In 2022?

Thiago Santos is the front-runner for the light heavyweight championship. One UFC fighter stands out from the rest of his group due to their particular relationship with the Brazilian. Learn everything there is to know about Thiago Santos’ girlfriend, Yana Kunitskaya.

Thiago Santos, Marreta’s girlfriend, is the only person who always has her best interests in mind. Up until UFC Vegas 38, Yana has shown a lot of support for her partner.

As of 2022, Thiago Santos is 38 years old.

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Is Thiago Santos in a relationship with Yana Kunitskaya?

Thiago Santos and Yana Kunitskaya are openly dating despite not being legally married. These two appealing athletic couples have been seeing one other for some time.

Yana is also an MMA fighter, so the two of them train together and encourage one another’s professional endeavors. The numerous images the pair post together show their love for one another.

One of the top UFC bantamweight fighters is Kunitskaya. She has a 14-6-0 overall record in professional MMA fights, with just one match ending in a no-contest.

Additionally, the duo is one of the most well-liked ones among athletes. Because of their unconditional love and affection for one another, they are the epitome of real love and have a relationship that is growing stronger by the day.

As there is no indication that Santos and Yana would be married, they are not in a hurry to do so. People are anticipating this good news with excitement because they want to see the marriage of these attractive couples as soon as possible.

Thiago Santos and Yana Kunitskaya’s Relationship Timeline

Santos and Kunitskaya met along in 2019 and later began dating. Yana and Thiago announced their engagement in December 2020, and they will soon get married.

To share on social media the news of their engagement, Yana posted a video of the fighter putting a ring on her finger. They have always supported one another.

The two fighters also run a charity that offers free MMA instruction to kids from incredibly disadvantaged families. The two have recognized in various interviews how much easier their lives have become as a result of working out together and attending fight camps.

The pair planned to settle down and live out the remainder of their lives in Florida. Both couples have children from previous marriages. The couple lives a happy life and provides wonderful care for their children.

Santos has a kid named Tiago, while Yana has a child from a previous relationship named Adam. The power couple recently revealed their desire to have children. Yana is now expecting, thus the couple will soon be parents.

What Is Thiago Santos’s Ethnicity And Religion?

Thiago Santos is a Brazilian citizen because he was born there. He hasn’t mentioned his ethnicity when questioned about it.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is where he was born. He is 38 years old right now. He is a Brazilian citizen. His zodiac sign at birth is Capricorn. When he was born, his family was living in poverty.

No one was able to determine the source of Santos’ illness when he was a very small child. This disease caused a cyst to start growing in his stomach, which was later removed surgically.

His family had lost everything in their home in Rio de Janeiro due to intermittent flooding. Even though there have been floods, they have been compelled to live in shelters. As a result, he settled down in the renowned neighborhood of Cidade do Deus.

The first Thiago was a paratrooper in the Brazilian army. Before becoming interested in mixed martial arts, he spent eight years practicing capoeira.

He started learning mixed martial arts after obtaining instruction. In October 2010, he made his mixed martial arts professional debut. There he had an overall record of 8 wins and just 1 loss. The Ultimate Fighter was his next fight.