Why was Maxim Dlugy, Hans Niemann’s coach, banned from Chess.com for cheating? Magnus Carlsen’s Declaration

Magnus Carlsen recently made indirect fun of Hans Niemann’s trainer Maxim Dulgy in an interview. He spoke a few things about it that gave the impression that he was charging the American with cheating.

Magnus Carlsen surprisingly withdrew from his much-awaited Julius Baer Generation Cup match against Hans Niemann after just one move, sparking a considerable controversy that has since spread throughout the chess community.

A surprise victory over 31-year-old Carlsen was achieved by 19-year-old Niemann around two weeks ago. Following the defeat, Carlsen tweeted a mysterious message that appeared to accuse the Americans of c


In a few days, the International Chess Federation is anticipated to announce, according to FIDE Director Emil Sutovsky. In an interview, he said that FIDE had been in touch with Chess.com to learn more about the situation.

Maxim Dulgy, a Moscow-born American general manager who coaches Niemann, is at the center of the controversy. Let’s start by taking a look at the coach’s past with regard to cheating scandals.

Why Was Maxim Dlugy, Hans Niemann’s coach, Banned From Chess.com?

Maxim Dlugy, Hans Niemann’s coach, was banned from Chess.com for cheating. Following the recent reports that Magnus Carlsen abruptly withdrew from his match against the 19-year-old after making a move, questions have been raised regarding his coach, Dlugy.

Dlugy was banned from Chess.com in 2017 after it was discovered that he had reportedly cheated on a Titled Tuesday. The fact that he was formerly banned can be verified, albeit there is little evidence available regarding the precise date and other details of the ban.

With 35 victories overall since October 20, 2020, GM Hikaru Nakamura leads the Titled Tuesday event. With nine, GM Dmitry Andreikin and Jeffery Xiong are second. Every Tuesday since February 1, 2022, there have been two tournaments.

On a thrilling note, Dlugy was the one who thought GM Borislav Ivanov was using a gadget to cheat while wearing it in his shoes. Ivanov was apprehended as a result of the allegation in 2013.

In an interview for the official Julius Baer Generation Cup broadcast, Magnus Carlsen finally spoke. He discussed his abrupt departure from the Sinquefield Cup after dominating the Generation Cup’s preliminary round.

Carlsen declined to say whether he quit due to allegations of cheating after playing just one move versus Niemann, but he did respond, “Unfortunately, I cannot particularly talk on that, but anyone can take their conclusion, and they surely have.”

The Norwegian general manager made a sting against Maxim Dlugy, Niemann’s coach. The player’s mentor, GM Maxim Dlugy, must be doing a fantastic job, he continued, “I have to say I’m quite impressed by Niemann’s play.” He did not elaborate further on the subject before ending the conversation.

Erik Allebest, the company’s CEO, noted that it was too soon to openly address Dulgy’s past cheating on Chess.com when questioned about it immediately following his interview.

Who Is Maxim Dlugy?

American chess player Maxim Dlugy is Hans Niemann’s current coach. He also plays chess.

Dlugy has also achieved the FIDE Grandmaster (GM) title. For his performance at the World Chess Olympiad in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, he received the title in 1986. He was a member of the American team that won the previous competition.

The American chess player won the World Junior Chess Championship in 1985 and was named an International Master (IM) in 1982.

Dlugy is renowned for playing chess quickly. The World Blitz Chess Association formerly ranked him as the world’s best player. He presided over the US Chess Federation from 1990 until 1993.

How Old Is Maxim Dlugy?

Maxim Dlugy was born in Moscow, USSR, and moved to the U.S. when he was 11. He tried his luck in the share market and even worked on Wall Street in the past. The chess GM got entangled in a $9 million embezzlement case in 2005.

Maxim Dlugy Net Worth And Career Earnings

Maxim Dlugy is a chess player and coach who has a net worth of $5 million as of 2022. The American GM’s primary income source is his chess coach career.

He owns Chess Max Academy based in New York and Connecticut, a chess school for kids; he runs the institute and coaches students. He was once the President of the US Chess Federation for three years.