Amp Squad: Did Sofie Dossi And Dom Brack Breakup? Cheating Photos On TikTok

Rumors of a breakup between Dome Brack and Sofie Dossi have heated up their respective fan bases on social media.

Gymnast, contortionist, TV personality, and social media influencer from the United States is Sofie Dossi. Dossi was crowned the 11th season of “America’s Got Talent” champion.

She first became well-known after winning the golden buzzer. Dossi has loved gymnastics and dancing ever since she was a tiny child.

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Dom Brack was the ex-boyfriend of Sofie Dossi. In comedic, prankster, and lip-syncing videos, Dom has appeared. Dom Brack has a sizable following on Instagram and YouTube.

She has made public statements about her partner, Dom Brack’s, infidelity. She uploaded a song on YouTube under the Fire Alarm category with the self-explanatory title “He Cheated.”

Amp Squad: Did Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack Breakup?

  • Yes, Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack are no longer dating and have ended their relationship.
  • Dom Brack’s extramarital affair caused him to break up with Sofie Dossi.
  • Dom, though, hasn’t commented or posted anything on it.
  • Despite the lack of evidence, there are claims on TikTok that he cheated on her with Mishka Silva.
  • Additionally, it is hinted that Mishka had a partner in the past and wouldn’t behave in such a way if she still did.
  • After two years of dating and creating memories, Sofie’s partner broke her, and the words of the song make it plain that she is still trying to mend her heart.
  • She also claims that because everyone saves her knew about the joke the two made about a similar situation, Dom did not find it amusing.
  • Everyone was as startled by Sofie’s betrayal by Brack, the most well-known content creator in the country, as she was.
  • Even though Stoke Twins had warned her about him, their AMP Squad was destroyed for more than two years as a result of his betrayal.
  • Brack initially met Dossi at the birthday party of their common friend, YouTuber, and online personality Andrew Davila.
  • He couldn’t help but fall in love with Sofie when he first met her, but for some reason, she didn’t share his feelings.
  • They became friends, but whenever Dom made an attempt to flirt with Sofie, she always turned him down.
  • Sofie and Dom eventually grew close enough for them to feature in each other’s recordings.
  • Dom Brack posted a video titled “My Friends Meet My New Girlfriend” on YouTube on October 3, 2020, in which Sofie played the part of him.
  • Dom admitted that the movie was a joke and that he and Sofie had broken up following it.
  • In August 2021, a few months after the fake video, she uploaded a clip of her first date with Dom.
  • She created another film in the same month called “Meet My Boyfriend,” in which they made their relationship public.
  • The couple has shared several videos of their time together and pulled practical jokes on one another to YouTube since becoming public with their relationship.

Dom Brack Cheating Photos On TikTok

Internet users are shocked and angered since admirers depicted Dom Brack as a trustworthy and caring partner.
They are also upset with AMP for keeping her in the dark for more than two years about his treacherous actions.
Sofie Dossi exposed him on her TikTok and in her official Fire Alarm song video.

Dom stunned Sofie by cheating on her, as she had stated in a TikTok video two days prior.
Sofie allegedly witnessed Brack kissing another female, according to footage on TikTok.
She also showed her buddy another video in which she demonstrated what he had done.

Sofie’s sadness is evident in her new music video for “Fire Alarm”.
She described in the song how all her pals were aware of his treachery but chose not to inform her.
The 21-year-old claims in the music that the guy ignored her for the rest of the night.