Andrey Korikov And  Mikhaila Peterson file for divorce? Why Did It Go Wrong?

Andrey Korikov, a former Soviet rower from Russia, is regarded as one of the best ever. He has won numerous competitions, including the Olympics.

Since he married Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter, his story has gained attention. Well, Mr. Peterson is a well-known Canadian author, YouTuber, leader, and psychologist.

Korikov is no less admirable for his excellent achievements than Mr. Peterson is. Let’s take a quick look at his story.

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Mikhaila Peterson and Andrey Korikov’s relationship

The two remained wed for a considerable amount of time. Both of them had moved to Canada, where they were living each minute to the fullest.

During their three years of being married, the then-married couple had some difficult times. They believed that once they had children of their own, problems would have been resolved.

Peterson soon became a mother to an adorable daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikov. But, unfortunately, the already strained relationship did not last one bit further. Andrey Korikov and Mikhaila Peterson move on in their lives after the divorce.

Why Did They Divorce?

Well, Peterson, who is incredibly private when it comes to opening up about her personal life, once surprised the world by disclosing their divorce on social media.

The fact that she is the famous personality’s daughter has also helped her reach the milestone of having more than 400k subscribers on her own YouTube channel. She, therefore, mentioned her breakup with Korikov on such media.

It has not yet been made public why such a sad decision was made. However, it is very obvious when looking at certain parts that the former husband and wife pair did not end up on good terms.

When they separated, Peterson was questioned about her happiness. She responded that for the previous five years, her mental health had been becoming worse.

The woman had previously experienced a lot, having been diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of seven, depression at the age of twelve, and idiopathic hypersomnia in her early twenties.

She attempted to keep the spark in her relationship despite these difficulties, but it ultimately failed. She does not, however, regret anything that occurred between her and her ex-husband.

Most likely because they both found peace as a result of their choice. There are a lot of questions, but there aren’t many answers, so that’s all the information we currently know.

However, their admirers are making comments about whether or not they are still married. But given that both parties have formally accepted their divorce, it does not appear to be the case.

Have the Partners Moved On After Their Divorce?

Although there isn’t much to say about Andrey Korikov, Peterson has already moved on. She was said to have been seeing Jordan Fuller following her breakup with Korikov.

All of these were later verified when news of the couple’s engagement spread online. Soon later, the wedding images showing their marriage became intermittent.

Peterson filled the caption with all the love she could possibly manage from within. They officially said “I do,” and ever since then they have been committed to their lovely union.