Grady Mackinnon Missing Update: missing 4-year-old boy in Pictou County

  • In Pictou County, a search is being undertaken for a missing four-year-old boy.
  • According to an RCMP spokeswoman, Grady MacKinnon was last observed playing in his yard at 5 o’clock on East River East Side Road in Pictou County.
  • It is thought that he got lost.
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  • The search is being conducted by the RCMP, neighborhood fire departments, and other first responders.
  • Grady stands at roughly 2 feet 6 inches.
  • He is roughly 37 pounds.
  • He is missing two bottom teeth and the top tooth in the front.
  • He has short light brown hair and brown eyes.
  • At the time of his disappearance, he was dressed in a grey hoodie, grey slacks with blue and yellow buses, and blue shark rubber boots.
  • RCMP is working to receive a photo of Grady however cell communication challenges in the area are causing a delay.
  • When MacKinnon got lost, he was playing outside.
  • There are numerous RCMP Police Dog Service teams actively looking.
  • Local Search and Rescue has been called in and is on its way to offer assistance.
  • Residents are urged to maintain a lookout but not to enter the search area because doing so would disrupt search teams and police dogs.
  • Call the Pictou District RCMP at 902 485-4333 if you have any information regarding Grady MacKinnon.

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