What Is the Net Worth of Boogie2988? What We Know Is This

American YouTuber Boogie2988 has $2 million dollar wealth.

He is a well-known American YouTuber and social media influencer. He produces, writes, and develops YouTube videos for the gaming industry.

After his game, the YouTuber attracted the public’s attention.

1.39 million people subscribe to the YouTuber’s well-liked channel. His YouTube channel was established in the US in 2013.

Boogie2988’s Net Worth In 2022

  • The estimated net worth of Boogie2988 is $2 million.
  • Since 2006, he has been earning money from his work as an active influencer and content producer in the entertainment sector.
  • The YouTuber makes anger videos, parodies, gameplay videos, comedy routines, news articles and vlogs about video games.
  • In order to help you live better and learn from your mistakes with weight loss and YouTube success, he also publishes educational videos and vlogs on real-world concerns.
  • He now has more than 4.11 million subscribers to his channel.
  • Boogie’s wealth increased as a result of his 924,992,877 views.
  • For every 1,000 video views on YouTube, content creators may make $5. ‘
  • One million views on a YouTube video are estimated to be worth $5,000.
  • According to the abovementioned date, Boggie2988’s revenue grew to $4624964.38 and his popular YouTube channel had 924,992,877 views.
  • Additionally, YouTubers rarely rely solely on one revenue stream.
  • No brands or businesses are known to have partnered with Boogie.
  • The artist created a YouTube account on April 6, 2006.

Who Is Desiree Williams, Ex-Wife of Boogie2988?

Desiree Williams, sometimes known as Dez, was the wife of Boogie2988 in a previous marriage.

After going on multiple dates together and meeting online, Boogie and Desiree first became romantically involved. Boogie2988 let Desiree move in after their relationship deteriorated over years. Steven asked Dez to marry him in 2012 after realizing she was the one.

A year or so later, in a secret ceremony, the creator and Desiree got married. For just four years, they were wed before getting divorced.

Following his announcement of their separation in a YouTube video on December 19, 2017, Steven and his wife split on February 13, 2018.

According to Boogie, their divorce was amicable, and they remained friends afterward. The YouTuber described Desiree’s discontent with the marriage on Reddit.

In order for Boogie and his wife to be happy in their separate lives, they had to split up. Additionally, Boogie2988 talked about his divorce at an H3H3 podcast episode. Unfortunately, the couple has not revealed whether they are the parents of their children.

What Happened to Boogie2988’s Teeth?

The previous year, Boogie2988 upgraded his teeth.
The YouTuber frequently discusses his new teeth in the videos he posts on his channel.
Boogie underwent dental implant surgery from April 11–13, 2019, as noted on his Twitter account, to replace all of his teeth, of which 17 out of 19 became infected due to carelessness.
In a number of his videos on his channel, the artist has talked about his teeth.
In his writings, he has discussed his process and the challenges associated with dental implants.
Even the queries about his teeth that his fans had have been addressed by Boogie.
With this video, the YouTuber has strengthened his relationship with his fans and raised the viewing rate.

The YouTuber had gastric bypass surgery in the past on August 1 to manage his extreme weight.
As of February 2019, Steven’s weight had dropped from approximately 500 kilograms to 347 lbs.
Since receiving his high school graduation in 1992, when Steven weighed 380 lbs, Steven believes that this is his lowest weight.
Boogie Age 2988
Boogie2988 will be 48 years old in 2022.
On July 24, 1974, the YouTuber was born.
Steven Jay Williams, often known as Boogie2988, is his true name.
Steven was born in St. Paul, Virginia, his hometown.
Boogie has two further siblings.
Williams described his childhood as being in a “dark” period because he struggled with his weight, had trouble making friends, and experienced verbal and physical violence from his mother.

After graduating from Virginia’s St. Paul High School, the designer enrolled at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise but did not complete his studies there.
For seven years, he lived at home and was looked after by a friend.