How Tall Is LeeThe4th? Height, Girlfriend, And Net Worth

The internet sensation named the TikToker of the year is Lee McCall, also known online as LeeThe4th.

He is a well-known producer of internet entertainment, and as of October 2022, his TikTok fan base had surpassed 12 million. He was nominated for the 11th Annual Shorty Awards’ TikToker of the Year, which many people might not be aware of.

The versatile online personality Lee is an amazing dancer, a fierce basketball player, and a funny man. He will do anything to keep his followers engaged on his social media accounts, including Instagra

m and TikTok. He is the definition of skill since he can do it all, from dribbling a basketball to the beat of the song to make us laugh to simply dancing to his favorite beat.

Lee, a native of New York, likes to post amusing content on TikTok and other platforms. He also collaborates with well-known influencers. On the TikTok app, Lee has the most users.

A YouTuber, he is. As of October 2022, LeeThe4th’s YouTube channel had 534k subscribers. Lee became incredibly well-known by posting funny and emotional videos. On his channel, he frequently posts videos of jokes, reactions, and Q&A sessions.

How Tall Is LeeThe4th? His Height And Weight Explored

  • LeeThe4th is quite tall.
  • He is about 6 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Also, he goes to the gym regularly to maintain his body.
  • In short, he is quite fit and has six abs, which mostly female fans die for.
  • Per his recent Ig post, Lee’s sister is taller than him.
  • Lee asked his sister, Jaala, what’s her plan since she had just completed her college degree while filming the video.
  • On October 31, he will celebrate his 26th birthday.
  • LeeThe4th is American by nationality since he was born in New York.
  • Therefore, his ethnic background is mixed.

LeeThe4th Is Dating Who? In 2022, his girlfriend

On November 12, 2020, Lee shared a blood prank video on his girlfriend. The video was titled Throwing Up Blood Prank On Girlfriend. It has 39 thousand views as of now.

Once Lee did his sweetheart’s makeup. Although Lee knew nothing about makeup, he did his best to do her makeover.

Sources revealed he is single and not dating anyone lately. There is barely any video updated with his partner since 2020. The actual reason behind their breakup is still a question mark. It’s unclear whether Lee is single or taken since he hasn’t shared any updates regarding his current relationship.

Career And Early Life

Lee has developed a sizable fan following on social media, including Instagram and Twitter, because to his successful online profession. The number of followers on Lee’s leethe4th Instagram feed has surpassed 450k.

Additionally, he has a self-titled YouTube channel where he primarily posts his comic skits and prank videos. 16 million individuals have viewed his videos since 2013.