Sia Cooper Net Worth: What Is The Personal Trainer’s Financial Situation?

Certified personal trainer Sia Cooper has a $20 million Net worth.

She is not unknown since many female mothers and children have found inspiration in her. She is one of the creators of the Fit Mommy Diary. You might not be aware of the fact that Sia’s own weight reduction journey played a significant role in her decision to enter the fitness sector.

In addition, Sia blogs on the journal of a fit mommy website, which has over 350,000 visitors per month, where she offers advice to mothers on how to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle after childbirth.


With her 12-week at-home fitness program, The Strong Body Guide, Sia has instructed tens of thousands of women online from all over the world. Stretching and aerobics are both included in her 12-week fitness regimen. letting you know that this 12-week program does not require you to spend hours in the gym or play any musical instruments.

Additionally, Sia shares free fitness videos every day on her social media accounts to encourage moms all over the world to live their healthiest lives. She has worked with companies including Target and Walmart, and her work has been highlighted in publications like US Weekly, People, and The Daily Mail.

Before becoming an inspiring fitness instructor and trainer, she worked as a nurse. All readers are fascinated by her weight loss journey from a chubby teenager to a trim and fit mother.

On the Google Play store, you can download her brand-new fitness app, Stronger. Once the app is installed, you can use the amenities.

What Is Sia Cooper’s Net Worth In 2022?

Sia Cooper, a well-known fitness instructor, has a net worth of about $20 million as of 2022.

As of September 2022, the average pay for a personal trainer, according to, is $40,997. Since she shares free exercise videos online, she has a sizable social media fan base, making her fairly well-known.

Sia Cooper’s Transition From Nurse to Certified Trainer

Sia spilled the bean about her weight loss journey in an interview.
She joined a nursing school twelve years ago and became a NASM-certified trainer.
She gained much weight while studying in nursing school.
After watching a Netflix documentary called FOOD INC.
The doc triggered her mind that she must lose weight.
After months of daily workouts and a proper diet plan, Sia lost 50lbs.
She shared her progress via Instagram and YouTube.
Her body transformation blog gained notoriety, and viewers started asking her the secrets behind the weight loss.
She enjoyed blogging since then.
Through his successful digital online career, Lee has amassed massive fan followers on social media, including Instagram and Twitter.
Lee’s fanbase on his leethe4th Instagram page has crossed over 450k followers.
Since 2013, his videos have been watched by 16 million users.
Did you know?LeeThe4th’s real name is Lee McCall.
Public figure Sia has an Instagram page under the handle @diaryofafitmommyofficial and has 1.1 million lovers as of October 2022.
She usually shares images of her kids and short workout videos on this platform.
On Twitter, Sia has 3799 adherents.
As per her latest tweet, Sia’s new app, “Stronger: Women’s Fitness” was launched in September 2022.
You can get the app on the Apple app store.
Sia is also active on TikTok.
She has 55.2k followers and 589.4k likes as of today.

Who Is Former Nurse Sia Cooper?

Sia Cooper is a highly successful NASM-certified personal trainer with millions of fan followers on social media. Although Sia has no bio or name on Wikipedia, her mini-bio is available on several public sources.

You can follow her on TikTok, where she makes short fitness workout videos and a proper diet plan. In addition, Sia became an internet sensation in no time, and she is a mental health advocate.

Some Facts You Need To Know About Sia Cooper

  • Cooper, Sia has an eating disorder while attending school to become a nurse According to Heavy, Sia put on a lot of weight after she was 14 and started having eating disorders.
  • In 2019, she posted a message to her five-year-old self from four years prior on Instagram.
  • She wrote a fairly long piece of advice to her younger self in the caption.
  • Sia has been open and loud about her health challenges as well as her problems with her divorce from her husband.
  • She revealed the things that people used to say to her as she was growing up as a large girl.
  • Sia boasted about her athletic endeavors. By posting images of her before and after workouts online, Sia started to vlog on YouTube and discuss her weight reduction progress on social media.
  • After giving birth to her first kid, Sia left her career as a nurse.
  • She remained at home and began to write.
  • After her first pregnancy, Sia shed 50 pounds, and when she started working as a fitness instructor, her career completely changed.
  • Diary of a Fit Mommy was established as an LLC by Sia. 2014 According to the Florida Department of State website, Cooper registered “Diary of a Fit Mommy” as an LLC in October 2014.
  • Grady Cooper, her second husband, was a corporate-approved person up until she filed for divorce in 2019.
  • The company is now exclusively managed by Sia.
  • Sia Cooper claims to make $500,000 annually from her fitness blog.
  • According to rumors, Sia earns $500k annually from her fitness blog.
  • Sia also receives cash for social media endorsements.
  • Cooper, for instance, shared a picture of herself using CBD oil.
  • Cooper mentioned using CBD oil to treat her recurring headaches.