Lizzy Savetsky: Who Is She? What You Should Know About the RHONY Cast

Lizzy Savetsky, a fashion industry influencer, joined the Real Housewives of New York group.

Lizzy Savetsky, an American social media personality, and fashion, influencer, has a respectable fan base on Instagram. She goes by the username @lizzysavetsky. The style icon uses her platform to flaunt her personal style.

Additionally, Savetsky gained attention once it was revealed that she had joined the Real Housewives of New York cast. In season 14, which will have a totally new cast of women, she is expected to join


Viewers of RHONY are therefore curious to learn about her personal and professional life. Therefore, we will discuss everything about it in today’s essay; let’s start with her.

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Lizzy Savetsky Is a Native of Dallas

On October 16, 1985, Lizzy Savetsky was born in Dallas to her loving parents, Laurie and Marvin Blum. Marvin, her father, is an attorney who was previously included on the renowned list of the Nation’s Top 100 Attorneys published by New York’s Wroth Magazine.

Savetsky is also not just her parents’ child because she grew up with her brother, Adam Cardoza Blum, who is not just their child. Savetsky, meantime, is an ardent Zionist and proud Jew with American citizenship.

Speaking about her early years, Savetsky competed in Miss Teen Texas and performed in country music concerts in addition to cheerleading. Savetsky relocated to New York City in 2004 to attend New York University. Savetsky later obtained a master’s degree in reading, writing, and literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Fans of Savetsky are worried about her profession, which we’ve covered below, and financial worth, just like they were about her early life.

How Much Is Lizzy Savetsky’s Net Worth?

Lizzy Savetsky, 36, has amassed a respectable income through her many professions. According to some web sources, Savetsky’s net worth is thought to be around $500,000.

Savetsky uses her platform as a fashion influencer, as is well known, to flaunt her personal style. Savetsky has garnered more than 215k followers as of the time of this writing. Not to mention that the aspiring reality television personality first posted blogs on her own website called Excessories Expert before switching to Instagram.

Additionally, Savetsky runs a live Instagram dating show for Jewish singles looking for love. Therefore, it is clear that Savetsky is succeeding in her job, and it is possible that she will increase her net worth in the future. Savetsky and her spouse are now content with their lives.

Lizzy Savetsky Shares Three Children With Her Husband

Moving on to her marital status, Lizzy Savetsky is a contented wife of Dr. Ira Savetsky. Ira practices plastic surgery and focuses on cosmetic procedures for the face, nose, breasts, and body. When they both attended New York University in 2004, the two people got to know one another.

Savetsky was only 19 years old at the time. The Savetsky pair got married four years after they had been acquainted for a while. The dynamic duo has been living up to their role as a husband and wife ever since.

In addition, they have begun a family of their own and are married. Stella, Juliet, and Ollie, three devoted youngsters, are their offspring. On her Instagram account, the fashion influencer frequently posts pictures of her kids. She also wrote about her difficulties becoming pregnant before Ollie.