Is Katie Leung Married to Her Husband? Explore Her Dating Life, Parents, and Net Worth

Actress Katie Leung from the Harry Potter movie series is currently single.

One of the most adored actresses, Katie Leung, was born in Dundee, Scotland. Since playing Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005, when she made her debut on the big screen, she has continued to be in the spotlight.

As a result, many people admired her work as Cho Chang, which helped her get a lot of media exposure. Leung is also well known for playing important parts in the films Locked Down, The Promise, and The


Leung is also well-known for playing DC Blair Ferguson in the television series Annika. She was up for an MTV Movie Award back in 2008. Fans’ interest in her personal life is growing along with her name recognition and popularity. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be one of Leung’s supporters, read the entire essay.

Family Background: Meet Katie Leung’s Parents

Katie Leung was born Katie Liu Leung on August 8, 1987, in Dundee, Scotland. Let’s start with her family. Leung’s parents are Peter Leung and Kar Wai Li. Leung reportedly moved to Scotland with her dad, siblings, and stepmother when her parents got divorced when she was three years old.

Leung was born in Dundee, but she spent the majority of her childhood moving about to areas like Motherwell and North Lanarkshire. She has two brothers named Jonathan Leung and Darren Leung in her family. Her sister’s name is Violet, by the way.

Leung is also a family-oriented individual who enjoys spending her free time with her loved ones. People are interested in her dating life, just like they are in her family life.

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Has Katie Leung ever been married?

Katie Leung, it would seem, is a single woman without a husband or lover. Leung’s marriage hasn’t been the subject of any rumors or disputes up to this point. In addition, Leung reportedly had a boyfriend called Eric Caira.

The reported pair allegedly first met in 2013. According to several web resources, they started dating the same year they met. We don’t know if Leung and Caira’s relationship was secret, so we can’t be sure if the dating rumors were accurate.

On the other hand, Leung was romantically associated with Leo Keu, Michael Trevino, and Daniel Radcliffe. The actress currently appears to be committed to her job and actively earning money. Do you know how much Leung is worth?

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Katie Leung’s Net Worth Is In Million Dollars

Katie Leung has been a professional actor for a long time and has already been in a number of high-profile films. Leung’s estimated net worth is a stunning $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Leung undoubtedly kept all of the money she made working in the entertainment sector. Leung has also had the opportunity to appear in a number of expensive films that have also made a sizable sum of money at the box office. She starred in T2 Trainspotting in 2017, which had a $18 million budget and garnered $42.1 million at the box office.

Leung might have made a respectable profit from working on that project. Leung also leads a high-quality life, which she proudly displays on her Instagram account, where we may follow her using the handle @ katieleung_.