Suzanne Ekeler-Adams, Austin Ekeler Mother, Father & Parents Facts

Suzanne Ekeler-Adams, Austin Ekeler’s mother, has remained by his side ever since. She had been Austin’s biggest fan ever since he started playing football in high school, long before he became well-known in the NFL.

Even though the family was going through a difficult time at the time, Wyett, Austin’s half-brother and safety currently enrolled at the University of Wyoming, always had Suzanne by his side.

Ekler played college football at Western Colorado before signing a free-agent contract with the Chargers in 2017. In Week 4’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, he ran for 35 yards to score his

first career touchdown.

The NFL player’s 2018 stats include 87 receiving yards on five receptions and a receiving score in the 38-28 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener.

In addition, only Ekeler and Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson have ever scored 20 touchdowns in a single season for the Chargers. Jonathan Taylor of the Colts and Ekeler shared the league lead in touchdowns during the 2021 NFL season. Ekeler accumulated 206 attempts for 911 yards at that time.

Suzanne Ekeler-Adams, the mother of Austin Ekeler, participated in basketball at the University of Colorado

Austin Ekeler-Adams was born on May 17, 1995 to Suzanne Ekeler-Adams. Shortly before he was born, his parents divorced. While a student, she participated in basketball for the University of Colorado team.

Every summer, Ekeler’s mother, a math teacher, had to work additional part-time jobs to support the family financially. Suzanne played basketball and coached high school sports for many years.

When he was a small child, she assisted her child in developing his sporting abilities. She taught him how to play baseball, football, and other sports. Austin is a great running back for Los Angeles as a result.

Austin Has Been With Ekeler-Adams Since the Beginning of His Football Career
Long before Austin became famous in the NFL, Suzanne has been Austin’s supporter ever since he started playing football in high school. In 2021, she moves to her seat almost as swiftly as her son does on the field.

According to the source, she moves up a section from her field-level seats so that she can see the game better. She does this with pride and affection without apology. She’s sporting Austin’s number 30, which is a blue Chargers T-shirt.

The same is true for Austin’s mother, especially in light of the fact that this is his fifth season. Prior to Thursday night’s game at SoFi Stadium against the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs, he had 730 yards on 161 carries and nine touchdowns.

On November 21, he defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers and scored four touchdowns. He has continued to be a key component of the Chargers’ passing game with 58 catches for 535 yards and seven touchdowns. His 16 overall touchdowns in the NFL were tied for second most.

Suzanne Has Worked In The Real Estate Sector Since 2018

When Austin disclosed his mother Suzanne Ekeler-Adams worked in the real estate industry in 2018, she already had her real estate license and was prepared to help.

Ekeler asked anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the Northern Colorado area to phone his mother in a message he posted on his social media pages to assist the business.

In addition, Suzanne writes blogs about the conditions in the real estate market for both buying and selling. Austin’s mother notes terms that prospective customers might not be aware of, such as the rise and fall of the housing market index and the down payment for the house.

In July 2019, Suzanne started working at Windermere Real Estate as a realtor. She claims that perseverance, industry knowledge, dependability, and superior customer service are the cornerstones of her business.

She also assists clients in getting the best price while selling their homes. She continually matches her clients’ motivation and prioritizes their needs over her own in order to make the transaction easy and fun.

Ekeler’s Biological Father Was Given A Life Sentence In Prison

The subject is avoided by the biological father of Austin Ekeler, who is incarcerated for life. Not shortly after he was born, his parents got divorced. He is therefore unaware of his birth father.

Austin’s mother, Suzanne, moved to Colorado Springs not long after his parents’ divorce, where she met the guy who would eventually become her husband and stay for eleven years. The footballer had grown up hating his domineering stepfather.

Austin and his half-brother Wyett were raised in a very modest and uncomplicated setting. They moved to his stepfather’s property, where they would take care of their goats, horses, cows, and chickens while working full-time jobs.

Austin Has A Younger Brother Wyett Ekeler In His Family

Wyett, the younger brother of Ekeler, plays football as well. The two Ekeler siblings engaged in athletic activities together as children. Wyett played linebacker, wide receiver, and running back for the Class 4A Wizards during his freshman season of college in 2018.

Throughout the winter, he is more likely to be a crucial resource for Windsor in the water tanks, especially don’t the offensive. Ekeler said that he detested the entire procedure and that he would suffer financially if something went wrong.

Wyett asserted that seeing Austin and hearing about his brother from others had inspired him to work harder. Due to the fact that their fathers are different, the two children are half-brothers.

Despite having unique genetic origins, Wyett is committed to maximizing his physical prowess and taking Austin’s counsel. There are more than just football connections between the brothers. The game was created by their relationship, not by the influencer.

While growing up in Briggsdale, far from their friends and playmates, the Ekeler brothers spent a lot of time together playing sports, playing computer games, hitting golf balls, and talking about their experiences as siblings.

Ekeler Is Currently In A Relationship With Melanie Wilking

Melanie Wilking, a well-known content producer and TikToker, is Austin Ekeler’s girlfriend. Together, the stunning couple attended Western Colorado University. Melanie usually shows up to support Ekeler at his sporting events.

As @melaniewilking, Melanie may also be found on TikTok. At the moment, she has 3.4 million fans. She uploads footage of dances she performs with Austin and Lovely to Instagram.

The couple’s frequent outings together and social media posts of themselves show how deeply in love they are with one another.

They both had successful professional careers. They are charming and display different personalities depending on how motivated they are to do their work and interact with others. They have established themselves and prove their worth.