Who is fisherman Jacob Runyan’s wife? Is he married?

Professional fisherman and multiple-time tournament champion Jacob Runyan is currently the subject of controversy after it was discovered in a video that he had packed his catch with steaks and lead weights.

The director of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament discovered an error in the weight of the five fish that Runyan and his teammate Chase Cominsky of Hermitage entered in the contest on Friday, shattering Runyan’s world of fishing.

Since the catch, at 34 pounds, was nearly twice as heavy as he had anticipated, the director opened one of the fish and found a lead ball the size of an egg in its intestines.

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One of the people accused of taking part in a cheating event at a fishing tournament is also experiencing problems with the local police.

Jacob A. Runyan filed a not-guilty plea to one count of domestic abuse and one count of unlawful restraint on July 26, according to Ashtabula Municipal Court records.

Records from the court show that the victim was also given a restraining order against Runyan.

Who Is Jacob Runyan Married To?

  • The internet has not revealed any information regarding Jacob Runyan’s wife, and he has not revealed his marital status.
  • The fisherman’s relationship status is unknown, therefore it’s possible that Jacob is single and living alone. ‘
  • Alternatively, Runyan might have been married to his wife for a while and kept their union a secret from the general population.
  • According to Runyan’s social media accounts, he hasn’t posted anything about his wife or relationship.
  • There haven’t been any online rumors in the past concerning the fisherman and his wife.
  • Additionally, Jacob has avoided discussing his children in public.
  • Jake Runyon of Ohio and Chase Cominsky of Pennsylvania both caught fish that weighed more than 33 pounds, which is about twice as much as the second-place fish.
  • After becoming suspicious, the authorities decided to trim the fish.
  • When they did, they discovered several lead balls, which they utilized to put the lead balls into the fish in order to win the $5,000 cash prize competition.
  • When they were denied victory in the $100,000 Lake Erie Fall Brawl last year because one of the guys failed a polygraph test, Jake and Chase had won countless tournaments, including that one.
  • Additionally, Cominsky and Runyan have won in numerous 2022 LEWT competitions in addition to the 2021 LEWT Championship (in Ashtabula and Lorain). According to Fischer, Jacob and Chase would have gotten roughly $29,000 in addition to extra money from a boat sponsorship if they had won the 2022 LEWT Tournament and been named Team of the Year.
  • According to Fischer, there is no way to dispute the pair’s earlier championship victories.
  • He asserted earlier this year that LEWT had tested Runyan and Cominsky’s voices and deception after competitions.

Where Is Jacob Runyan Now?

There is no information about where Jacob Runyan is right now in the news. On July 26, Jacob Runyan filed a not-guilty plea to two counts of domestic violence and unlawful restraint.

The fisherman got involved in an incident involving cheating at a fishing competition. On November 10, pre-trial hearings will start before Judge Laura DiGiacomo.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Cleveland Metroparks Police are looking into the incident. Few details regarding the private and secretive life that Jacob Runyan has led are available online. Although he was born in 1980, he has not revealed his actual birthdate.

The professional fisherman has not stated his height details. It will be simpler to learn more about Jacob’s personal life if he is acknowledged by Wikipedia administrators and creates his page on the site for the first time.

A video has gone viral on the social media platform exposing Jacob Runyan and his partner Chase in a fishing competition. According to the available sources, Runyan currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. The professional angler on the internet has provided no educational background for this purpose.

Jacob Runyan’s Net Worth In 2022

According to an online source, his net worth is estimated at around 800 thousand dollars. The average annual pay for a professional fisherman in the United States is between $101,000 and $13,000.

Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky are the winners of the 2019 LEWT fishing competition championship. Jacob has won various tournaments over the past two years, including the 2021 LEWt Championship. The pair were also in the team of the Year competition for the 2018-19 season.

Chase Comiskey and his partner Jacob Runyan were in the process of winning $29,000 in prize money in an Ohio-based fishing tournament. LEWT president John Fischer claimed earlier this year that voice and deceptive tests had been conducted on the pair.

It’s unclear how the problem will be rectified because the team won more than the previous year. Chase and Cominsky, accused of fraud, may also be prosecuted with theft by deceit.

According to the available sources, Runyan currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. The professional angler on the internet has provided no educational background.

A video has gone viral on the social media platform exposing the cheating done by Jacob and his partner Chase in a fishing competition.