Discover more about RHONY star Erin Dana Lichy’s husband Abraham Lichy, marital status, line of work, and net worth

Erin Dana Lichy, a designer, is married to lawyer Abraham Lichy.
Since December 2018, Erin Dana Lichy, a real estate agent and design guru, has worked with Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Lichy only became a real estate agent at the age of 19.

Lichy currently has her own remodeling and design business called Homegirl. After graduating from NYU with a degree in Sustainable Real Estate Development, she began her profession and later founded her own design company.

Lichy frequently posts updates about her life on Instagram under the username @erindanalichy while

she is not working. As is well known, Lichy will also be a part of The Real Housewives of New York’s 13th season cast. As a result, not everyone is familiar with her life. Here is all the information you require about Lichy.

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Explore Erin Dana Lichy Family Background

Her parents, Dorothy R. Somekh and Eliahu Yitzhari gave birth to Erin Dana Lichy in 1987. Lichy was also reared with her four siblings, therefore she is not just her parents’ child.

She was raised in an Israeli home and spent her formative years in Manhattan. Lichy now resides in New York. Lichy has also avoided discussing her siblings a lot.

Regarding her educational history, Lichy holds a Sustainable Real Estate Development degree from NYU. Additionally, Lichy is successful in both her personal and professional lives.

Erin Dana Lichy and her husband have three children together.

Moving on to her personal life, Erin Dana Lichy is the happy wife of Abraham Lichy. Her husband runs Lichy Law and is a lawyer. In 2010, Abraham earned his law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

Additionally, he holds a BA in psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. As a result, he continues to pursue his work while also maintaining his marriage. The Lichy couple has also shared a husband-and-wife relationship for the past ten years.

We are unable to publish the wedding date because the couple kept their wedding information private. In addition to getting married, they have also begun a family of their own. Their loving three children, two sons, and a daughter make up their joyful family.

As a result, Lichy and her husband frequently upload photos to their social media accounts. The RHONY star also enjoys a comfortable lifestyle because she has a respectable net worth from her work as a real estate agent.

Erin Dana Lichy’s Net Worth as a Real Estate Agent

In any case, Erin Dana Lichy has managed to keep a sizeable wealth from her work as a real estate agent. She operates her own business and, as we all know, is an expert in design. Therefore, Lichy might be making a fine living from her business.

Lichy’s net worth is thought to be close to $1 million. Her work as a real estate agent and owner of a design company was the sole source of her income.

Lichy’s Instagram posts demonstrate that she collaborates with a variety of businesses, from which she would have made a respectable profit. Without a question, Lichy has a luxurious lifestyle because to her incredible wealth, which is certain to increase in the future.