How tall is Haskiri Velazquez, a cast member of “Saved By The Bell”? Height in Feet and Net Worth

Haskiri Velazquez is a rising American actress. Haskiri Velazquez, who plays Daisy Jimenez on Peacock’s Saved by the Bell revival, is taking over Zack’s ability to freeze time and break the fourth wall.

Despite the fact that Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Zack from the first season of the show did not spend much time with Velazquez. Haskiri is well-known for her appearance on social media and for playing Daisy Jimenez on Saved by the Bell.

Haskiri’s acting is growing in popularity. The significance of the character for young Latinas excites the actress.

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Actress Haskiri Velazquez Is A 5 Feet 6 Inches Tall Cast From Saved By The Bell

Actress Haskiri Velazquez, who stands 5’6″, is frequently in the news for her new Saved by the Bell role. When Velazquez featured in the 2011 East WillyB episode “Prodigal Son Returns,” she was transformed into a Teen baseball player on the big screen.

She had five television appearances between 2012 and 2019 including “East WillyB,” “The Trade,” “The Birch,” and “The Last Nazi.”

Haskiri has been a well-liked character on “Lost Girls,” “Blue Bloods,” and “What Lies Below” since the year 2020. During her acting career, she got compliments and a nomination for best-supporting actress in Saved by the Bell Season 1.

Haskiri Velazquez Bio, Wiki & More

Haskiri Velazquez was born On September 10, 1995, in Haskiri Velazquez was born in New York where she also pursued a career.

Despite her family’s inability to pay for her to attend an acting school, Alyssa has had a passion for acting since she was a young girl. She has fifteen acting credits and appeared in Muze magazine’s cover story in 2011.

American actress Velazquez, 26, gained  recognition for her role as Daisy Jiménez in the hit show “Saved by the Bell.” The Trade, Lost Girls, and The 40-Year-Old Version are three movies in which she has also appeared. She completed her education in the United States at an elementary, secondary, and university level.

What is Haskiri Velazquez Net Worth?

The actress has an estimated net worth of USD 500,000. Her acting career is her primary source of income.

She also has a channel on YouTube where she posts videos on the platform. She and her partner share the account. She had even produced Love Across The Hudson.

The actress and her partner share videos on their channel that discusses relationships, personal development, and even some gym content.