Hamdy Abdelwahab: Who Is He? Bio Of First Egyptian UFC Winner From Wikipedia

Hamdy Abdelwahab an Egyptian mixed martial artist, just made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut (UFC). He has five MMA fights under his belt and competes in the heavyweight division. He was just signed by the UFC, making him the organization’s first-ever Egyptian signee.

On July 30, Abdelwahab made his UFC debut against Don’Tale Mayes, and he prevailed via split decision.

Who Is UFC’s Hamdy Abdelwahab? Wikipedia

Hamdy Abdelwahab is a UFC fighter who the UFC signed on June 28 and made his debut in UFC on July 30 with a match against Don’Tale Mayes. The fighter has an excellent record of matches in which he

has lost only one match in all the matches he has participated in amateur and professional fights.

He was thrilled to defeat Don’Tale Mayes in his debut UFC fight. Let’s see if he can continue his winning streak in the years to come as he embarks on his career as a UFC fighter. Hamdy fought with Matthew Strickland in 2021, making him a professional boxer. As a professional fighter, he has competed in six fights and won each one.

How Old Is Hamdy Abdelwahab?

He was born on January 22, 1993, in Kairo, Egypt. As of now, he is 21 years old. He decided to move to New Jersey, in the United States, in order to pursue his dream of becoming a fighter.

The fight against Jamal Pottinger in 2019 marked the fighter’s amateur debut and the pursuit of his dream. He started out as an MMA fighter and won his first fight.

Hamdy Abdelwahab Wife- Is He Married?

The wife of Hamdy Abdelwahab frequently appears on his Instagram account. Currently, they are both residents of New Jersey. Hamdy’s wife appears to be caring for him and supportive of his job decision. Both of the couples, who may have wed while living in New Jersey, are the parents of two daughters.

His wife is often seen going to different places and events with Hamdy. The couples have good chemistry with each other.

Hamdy Abdelwahab’s Net Worth In 2022

The estimated net worth of Hamdy Abdelwahab in 2022 is thousand dollars. He started competing in 2019 and recently made the transition to the UFC in 2022.

A UFC fighter will make an average of $147,965 in 2020. Conor McGregor, the top UFC fighter, has earned around $10,022,000. He has a good job that pays well, and his income will increase with time.