Janice Hallett: Who Is She? Author Of The Appeal, One Of The Best Fiction Books Of Last Year

Janice Hallett is a former writer and award-winning journalist.

For a number of organizations, including the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, and the Department for International Development, she has written speeches and articles.

Retreat, starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton, and Jamie Bell, was the first full-length screenplay written by Janice and released by Sony Pictures. Carl Tibbetts contributed to its co-writing and di


Who is Janice Hallett, the author?

British journalist, screenwriter, and author Janice Hallett has achieved success in these fields.

Before making her debut in the crime genre, she held positions as a journalist, magazine editor, and speechwriter for the Cabinet Office and Home Office.

For her 2011 directorial debut, “Retreat,” Janice won the Best New Screenplay award at the 2014 British Independent Film Festival.

She also writes plays and screenplays. The Appeal is the title of her first novel.

As soon as Janice learned how to write, she started doing so. She claimed in an interview that she chose to study English at UCL because it was the best option when universities didn’t offer creative writing degrees.

She selected journalism as her field of study because it appeared to be one of the few that placed a high value on writing.

The Appeal, Janice’s #1 debut book, was released in 2021. This ground-breaking interactive murder mystery raised the bar for the crime thriller with its use of emails, texts, police transcripts, and other documents.

Janice’s second book, The Twyford Code, was published by Viper in January 2022. It tells the tale of an English teacher who discovers a secret message in a well-known children’s book but then disappears.

The former student then starts investigating her disappearance decades later.

She spent 15 years writing about mascara and tweezers for a trade magazine.

The Origin And Family Of Janice Hallett

The family of Janice Hallett is from Suffolk. Her paternal grandmother was from Lowestoft and Wangford.

Around 1900, her grandmother was listed as working at Henham Hall. Her grandfathers are honored as the three Brown servicemen on the Wangford War Memorial.

She was unable to get married at the traditional age as so many men from her grandmother’s generation died in the First World War. In her late 30s, she moved alone to London after the war.

There, she met and married her grandfather, who was 60 years old at the time, and they had her father together. She told me that her father had loved Suffolk all his life (Suffolklibraries).

Dad of Janice worked in a video store and considered himself a hipster. Her mother also worked in an office for the gas board.

Hallett and her family are currently residing in London.

Does Janice Hallett Have A Partner?

Yes, 53-year-old Janice Hallett and her partner are present. When she started performing with the Raglan Players at age 14, she met him (The Guardian).

It is a group with headquarters in Northolt, in west London, where she currently resides. She has done everything there, including providing prompts and props. She has both written and performed in plays.

We were unable to confirm anything about her husband or child because she hardly ever speaks about them.

Janice Hallett’s Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Janice Hallett, the author, is thought to be worth $2 million. Her books generate the majority of her income.

Hallett has generated total revenue of £1.4 million by selling 174,377 print books through Nielsen BookScan in the UK. With 142,246 copies sold, The Appeal’s paperback represents the majority of her sales.