Who Is Eugene Welch? South Carolina Man Arrested For Murder

Hampton County Sheriff’s Office delivered an authority public statement on 18 July 2022, expressing they have arrested a person for the murder in Varnville. A mugshot of the suspect uncovered it to be Eugene Welch.

HCSO delegates had arrived at the home on Kite Lane in Varnville when they were reported for a lady who was unresponsive and unconscious. Before long, cops looked for the suspect with the proof they had and arrested a man named Eugene Welch.

Who Is Eugene Welch? The Accuse of murder

Eugene Welch is a 31-year-old from Varnville. He seems to be an Afro-American with a knot on his neck that lands him as a suspect in the murder of the woman viewed as dead.

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According to his Facebook profile he is employed in Pike Gas Services and at House of Raeford. Further, he attended Voorhees College for his studies. Additionally, looking more in-depth inside his profile, he has shared an image with his family, who might be his father and mother. Also, the suspect has been sharing different posts on his account till 15 July, i.e., Friday.

He seems to be quite active on social media As he had shared a number of posts and memes in a single day. At the same time, the suspect appears to have spent a lot of time posting, as he has shared tons of posts and memes.

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Is Eugene Welch In Jail? Arrest And Charges

Eugen Welch was arrested on Sunday, reported by the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken under custody for the charge of murder of a woman. The woman was unconscious and unresponsive in a residence. When EMS and Fire got there they determined she had died from her injuries

The police are still in a difficulty as the suspect they have taken into custody has not uncovered the primary justification behind harming the lady. The inquiry excited was his expectation just to damage or kill the lady.

The police have not yet revealed the full details of the case and how they related the crime scene to the suspect. The case investigation is still ongoing, and the media might be advised regarding any updates following it.

In any case, the mug shot of Eugen Welch has surfaced on the web. Some accept he could have been engaged in different crimes previously, yet the sheriff’s specialization has not given data about that.

Who Is The Victim? South Carolina Murder Details

The Victim was a 31 years old woman who was found dead. Police also revealed the victim had numerous wounds on her body. Accordingly, they confirmed assuming that it was the explanation for her death.

If you have any information on the incident you are asked to call the Hampton County Sheriff’s office at (803) 914-2200, or the Toll-Free Tip Line: (866) 942-1120.

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