Terrance Williams missing update

The eight-episode series, which is now available on Paramount Plus, looks back at various unresolved missing person cases, including Terrance’s odd disappearance.

Tyler Perry executive produces the show, and his abduction and aftermath take centre stage in the first two episodes. Years ago, after discovering Marcia’s excruciating story on the ID Channel, th

e award-winning filmmaker reached out to her, offering a $200,000 reward for any substantial information in the cold case.

Terrance Williams Missing Update 2022 – Terrance Williams, 27, went missing in January 2004. Learn more about a Tennessee guy who went missing in Florida in 2022 and his absence and accident.

Williams was last seen being apprehended by Steve Calkins, a Collier County Sheriff’s Department Deputy. Calkins claimed he dropped off Williams at a Circle K.

The disappearance has attracted the public’s interest, with series like Disappeared, Dateline NBC, and Anderson Cooper 360 covering it.

Tyler Perry, an American actor, and filmmaker discussed the missing on Al Sharpton’s talk show and offered a $200,000 reward for information in the case. The case was documented in the premiere episode of the television series Never Seen Again.

Terrance Williams Missing Update 2022: What Happened To Him?

Terrance Williams went missing from Naples, Florida on January 12, 2004. When he did not return home following the last time he spoke to him on January 11, his roommate emailed his mother.

Williams was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on January 17, 1976. He relocated to Naples, Florida, to be closer to his mother. He has four children and was living in Florida with his roommate Jason Gonzalez when he went missing.

The deputy who was last spotted with Williams by cemetery staff was Steve Calkins. Terrance has been missing since then. It’s been 18 years since he vanished.

On August 30, 2018, the victims’ families filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Steve Calkins. Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney, is representing them.

The incident was well documented in the new Tyler Perry-narrated series Never Seen Again. The show is based on true stories about people who vanish into thin air.

Initial Investigation Of The Disappearance

After impeding traffic, William’s Cadillac was towed from Naples Memorial Cemetery. His aunt was able to locate the vehicle and discovered that the tow report had been signed by Deputy Steve Calkins of the Collier County Sheriff’s Department. It was then discovered that the sheriff had failed to file an incident report or make any arrests.

Workers at the cemetery said they saw Calkins pull over Williams and ask him for identification, which he didn’t have. After asking the employees if he could leave the Cadillac in the lot, Calkins patted Williams and put him in the back of his patrol cruiser.

Calkins stated he had no knowledge of having his car impounded or making any arrests on the day of the disappearance after being contacted by dispatch in response to the Williams family’s persistent calls.

Felipe Santos’s Disappearance

	 Terrance Williams missing update
Terrance Williams missing update

Felipe Santos had gone missing under similar circumstances three months before Terrance Williams went missing. He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, on January 1, 1979, and later migrated to Immokalee, Florida. Before his disappearance, he was living illegally in the United States.

Santos was 24 years old when he went missing on October 1, 2003. He was last seen riding away with Calkins, who cited him for reckless driving while driving with his two brothers in a small automobile accident. When his employers contacted him, it was revealed that the county jail had never booked Santos.