Miguel Fenton: Who Is He? Hop Farm’s marketing director is Jack Fenton’s father

Miguel Fenton, the father of Jack Fenton,  mourns the loss of his beloved son in the helicopter accident. Jack Fenton, a 22-year-old boy, was killed when the helicopter’s rotor blade struck him in the head. He was well recognized for being Miguel’s son, a wealthy British guy.

The investigation team and the officers are looking into the incident in the wake of the tragedy in an effort to learn more. His known loved ones are currently in sorrow and grieved by his tragic passing.

When the incident occurred, the young man was on his phone with his three friends. He was also reportedly snapping a selfie when the rotor blade struck him, according to the neighborhood news source.

Who Is Jack Fenton’s, Father Miguel Fenton? The Hop Farm Marketing Head

The father of 20-year-old Jack Fenton, who just passed away in a helicopter accident while on vacation, is Miguel Fenton. He is employed at The Hop Farm as the marketing manager.

He is also well-known for being one of the richest men in Britain and serving as the director of PR, sales, and marketing for The Hop Farm, a 400-acre country park. The largest oast boasts ownership of the farm and houses a variety of breweries.

Miguel has been working for the farm for over ten years, according to his LinkedIn profile. In the business world, he has more than 20 years of experience. Additionally, the representative told Mail Online, “We have no comment. This is a personal situation, nothing to do with the business.”

He has accumulated a sizable body of written and visual PR throughout the years, serving as a weekly BBC Radio commentary commentator. He exhibits a commitment to his career and previously said,

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Jack Fenton’s Dad Miguel And Mum Grieves His Death After Helicopter Accident

Miguel Fenton
Miguel Fenton

The first helicopter’s pilot radioed his partner, who was flying with his parents in the second chopper. After then, the second pilot changes the landing zone and makes an impromptu touchdown at Athens International Airport.

Miguel Fenton, Jack Fenton’s father, and his mother are still in mourning over their son’s passing following the helicopter tragedy. When the event happened, they were riding in the second helicopter with their kid.

When their parents learned of their son’s sad death, they were inconsolable. They were unable to view the accident scene, though. Since then, the family has maintained their secrecy as the police look into the situation.

Net Worth of Miguel Fenton and His Family in 2022

Miguel Fenton predicted that his net worth could exceed $1 million in 2022. Although he has not yet disclosed his possessions and wealth, the family is recognised as one of the richest in Britain.

Additionally, the farm where he works brings in just around $6 million annually. In addition, the family must own stock and properties in their names that are not yet accessible to the general public.