Newscaster Zalina Azman Missing For 8 Months, What is the Reason?

Newscaster Zalina Shaharah Azman, 58, has been missing for eight months since November last year. Her news of missing was circulated by her son as he couldn’t contact her in November 2021.

Her son Mikhael Norman, 33, reported his mother missing on 29 November 2021 when he failed to reach her via a phone call. Zalina Azman is 58 years old.

Mikhael and his uncle went over to his mother’s home in Shah Alam and found her car at home. However, she wasn’t home and was unreachable.

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A woman who resembled sightings of a woman Zalina around Kuala Lumpur has been reported after she disappeared. A woman was spotted by an e-hailing driver at a hotel lobby and in a café in Shah Alam. However, she was not Zalina Azman.

The Woman was a doppelganger who appeared to be a homeless woman and not Zalina herself.

Despite the false alarms, Zalina’s close friend Datuk Ras Adiba Mohd Radzi is not giving up the search and has been constantly posting on her social media and pled to the public to help with the missing person search.

An Instagram user, Nadhir Agito, who’s an ehailing driver, allegedly thought she had driven a woman who looked like Zalina in Bangsar. She said the woman appeared dazed and confused and asked to be taken to a police station. However, she changed her mind and said she wanted to eat because she was hungry.

The woman also refused to be photographed by Agito. Agito said the woman looked like she was shivering. According to the Authorities, the police found Zalina’s home to be in a disorganized manner since it was in the process of being converted into a gallery.

The authorities are currently trying to find out the workers who carried out the renovation works at Zalina’s home to help with the investigation. So far, six individuals have been called up for their statements since the police report had been lodged.

Malay Mail reported that Shah Alam OCPD Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said the police believe Zalina is still in the country because the authorities didn’t detect any indication that she left Malaysia.