No, Samthing Soweto Is Not Dead: Hoax And Rumors As His Bad Health News Came Around

Samthing Soweto, who has dropped a lot of weight, caused misunderstanding among people regarding his health they thought he was sick.

In the last few days, the hoax news about the singer Samthing Soweto’s death is tending. Samthing Soweto has dropped a lot of weight which made everyone feel that the news was a fact. But the Artiest himself cleared the rumors of himself being dead.

Is Samthing Soweto dead?

No, Samthing Soweto is not dead. For the last few days, there has been a rumor that Samthing Soweto was dead, But the Artiest himself cleared the rumors of himself being dead.

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Samthing Soweto has dropped a lot of weight which made individuals worried about his health. Moreover, in some of his IG messages, he talked about how tough life is and encouraged everyone to take care of their loved ones, which caused people to worry about his mental well-being.

Some speculate were also made that the artist has diabetes. A series of concerning Instagram posts from Samthing Soweto and his weight loss caused misunderstanding among netizens regarding his health and well-being and thought that he was sick.

Where Is Samthing Soweto Now?

Samthing Soweto is a well-known South African artist who is known for his excellent voice. His real is name Samkelo. He is a 34-year-old African singer currently based in Johannesburg’s Soweto neighborhood. The musician has already revealed that he is having financial difficulties. It is possible that this is why he returned to his hometown.

However, Something isn’t very active on social media, though he occasionally shares updates on his personal life. Sam has also written and recorded a few songs, which he has shared on Instagram. Samthing Soweto’s new social media image made individuals worried about his health as the singer appears to have lost a substantial amount of weight.

Singer Samthing Soweto Addresses Death Rumors

Singer Samthing Soweto Addresses his well-wishers by clarifying that he was not ill and doing well in his. The reason for his weight loss is his change in lifestyle. He had stopped eating certain kinds of foods and started doing physical exercises. He also added that he was going through some stuff but did not explain what it was.

On Facebook, the musician posted a photo of himself getting a haircut and asked fans to rate his barber’s work. Rather than thanking him, some fans made disparaging remarks about his alleged “weight loss.”

Samthing Soweto has clarified that his health is fine. He is physically fit, although there are things he is currently going through. Furthermore, the Akulaleki singer and his management team are preparing for upcoming events, implying that Samthing is in fine shape but has lost weight while out of the spotlight.

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