What Happened To Travis T Bone Turner? Why Is The Bone Collector In A Wheelchair?

Travis T Bone Turner of Bone Collector had his right leg below the knee surgically removed on February 7 due to a rare soft tissue cancer diagnosis.

Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector, a reality show that debuted in 2008, redefined the outdoor television genre and rose to prominence as one of Outdoor Channel’s most popular hunting programs.

T-Bone, the show’s beloved co-host, recently made a shocking statement to his followers about his illness that may change everything, which is terrible.

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What Happened To Travis T Bone Turner? The Bone Collector Is On A Wheelchair

Travis T.Bone Turner had a biopsy. After ten days, he received the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, a type of cancer that spreads rapidly.

Surgery was the only option for removing the tumor. The reality star also revealed that he uses a wheelchair and has been undergoing two types of harsh chemotherapy.

According to Distractify, he revealed that while receiving treatment for an infected tick bite last July, he asked the ER doctor about a grape-sized knot on his right thigh.

By the middle of August, the knot had grown to the size of a golf ball. T-Bone had an MRI after the screening, which revealed multiple tumors and recommended a biopsy.

2022 Travis T Bone Turner Cancer Update

Travis T. B. Turner revealed some heartbreaking details about his tumor, a rare type of sarcoma cancer known as fibrosarcoma. Sarcoma is a broad term for bone and soft tissue tumors.

The American reality star talked about how his family and friends helped him get through it. Doctors also discovered a 9-millimeter nodule on the left lung, which may or may not be malignant. This was devastating news.

He started receiving two types of chemo every three weeks for five days straight. According to The Focus, the procedures helped his lungs up to a point.

Turner’s right lower leg had a sarcoma, but when it came time to remove it surgically, the tumor and bone in his leg had grown together, making removal impossible. As a result, he had to remove his legs above the knee.

Travis T-Bone Turner Net Worth 2022

Travis T-Bone Turner has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He is a bow and arrow expert and tournament champion who makes the majority of his money from his business.

His accomplishments include winning the title of Outdoor 3-D Archery World Champion and making numerous television and video appearances, including the Realtree ‘Monster Bucks’ video series.

Turner is widely regarded as one of the most skilled archers and hunters in the outdoor recreation industry. After more than 15 years of professional shooting competition, he earned the titles of ASA and APA Certified Pro Shooter, according to Bonecollector.

In addition to numerous state championships and podium finishes, the reality star won the ASA Archery World Championship in 1991. He is a national representative for Whitetails Unlimited and is dedicated to conservation.