Amy Walter is she gay? American Political Analyst Discloses Her Sexuality in Detail

Amy Walter is a political analyst from the United States who is outspoken with the public and the media about her sexual orientation. She has been married to her lesbian partner for more than 20 years.

Since 2021, the two have been collaborating on The Cook dinner Political Report with Amy Walter. Many fans and readers are interested in learning more about the CNN reporter after she came out to the public about her sexual orientation and her relationship.

Find out more about her in the article below.

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Is Amy Walter Gay? Fact Checks on Her Sexuality and Marriage

Amy Walter is openly gay and has always been extremely upfront about her gender and sexual orientation.

Kathryn Hamm, a businesswoman and educator well known as a pioneer of the gay and lesbian wedding industry, and Walter are now dating. For more than twenty years and counting, she has been renowned for this.

The pair originally met in 1993 after becoming familiar through a circle of mutual friends.

Before moving to Washington, DC, Hamm and his family spent two years in Dallas, where he was born.

In 1995, Kathryn Hamm and CNN reporter Walter moved in together in a Clarendon home, taking their relationship to the next level. They had already been dating for two years at that point. The two chose to get married in 1999 to formally end their relationship because at the time gay marriage was neither legal nor permitted. It is well known that the couple wed during Labor Day weekend in 1999.

Amy Walter and Kathryn Hamm chose to remarry on November 2, 2013, at the courthouse in Washington, DC, to formalize their marriage and make it eligible for various particular legal privileges as their first marriage in 1999 was not recognised by the law.

Who Is Kathryn Hamm, Amy Walter’s Partner?

Since their marriage was only officially recognized in 2013, Kathryn Hamm has been the American political analyst’s wife since 1999. Since then, she has worked as The Cook Political Report’s COO, an author, and an American businesswoman.

Before working with Cook, Hamm enjoyed a highly successful career in the wedding industry. She previously held the position of editor of the magazine before WeddingWire acquired Gay Weddings in 2015.

Kathryn Hamm earned degrees in psychology and women’s studies for two years from Princeton University. Soccer was another sport she enjoyed. In 2010, Hamm and American singer-songwriter Catie Curtis established a business relationship to assist same-sex couples in creating their own ceremonies and officiate weddings for

Along with photographer Thea Dodds, she co-wrote the 2014 book The New Art of Capturing Love, which focused on same-sex wedding photography.

Amy Walter and Kathryn Hamm later joined the group after Charlie Cook sold The Cook Political Report in 2021. In his role as the company’s chief operating officer, Hamm spearheaded projects for enhancing the company’s brand and boosting the subscriber base. The couple adopted a kid in 2006 and now has a son as part of their family.

Amy Walter’s Net Worth

Since 2015, American political analyst Amy Walter has provided political analysis for PBS News Hour. Along with her wife, Hamm, she co-publishes The Cook Political Report.

Her current estimated net worth is $2 million. In addition to her pay, Walter has won a number of honours for her efforts.