What Happened To Ivana Trump? Know her death cause

Ivana Trump was the first wife of ex-President of the United States of America Donald Trump. She is a Czech-American businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, author, and model.

Ivana was in New York City with a group of models in 1976 when she met Donald. On April 7, 1977, the couple married at Marble Collegiate Church in a wedding officiated by Norman Vincent Peale.

During her marriage to Donald, Ivana took on major roles in The Trump Organization, working as a senior executive for seven years, including executive vice president for interior design. Ivana Trump and

Donal Trump got divorced in 1992.

What Happened to Ivana Trump? Death Cause Revealed

Ivana Trump, the first wife of ex-President Donald Trump, died in an accident as a result of suffering blunt impact injuries to her torso, according to the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The authority administering came a day after Ivana, was tracked down dead in her Manhattan residence.

The New York Attorney General’s Office said it had agreed, at the request of lawyers for Donald Trump and two of his children, to postpone depositions scheduled for next week in light of Ivana’s death.

The New York City 7Fire Department said that it responded to a report of cardiac arrest at Ivana Trump’s Manhattan home Thursday and that the person was dead when authorities arrived.

A senior New York City official with direct knowledge of the matter said the circumstances of her death are consistent with a fall on the stairs, NBC News reported. The official added the death is not suspicious. City officials said there was no indication of foul play. Her body would be taken to the medical examiner’s office to determine the cause of death.

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Ivana Trump was born on February 20, 1949, Ivana was 73 years old.

Ivana and Donald were prominent figures in New York society throughout the 1980s. The couple’s divorce, finalized in 1992, was the subject of extensive media coverage.

Following the divorce, she developed her own lines of clothing, fashion jewelry, and beauty products which were sold on QVC London and the Home Shopping Network.

How Many children does Ivana Trump Have?

During the marriage, Ivana and Donald had three children: Donald Jr. (born 1977), Ivana Marie (born 1981), and Eric (born 1984). Donald Jr. learned to speak fluent Czech (with the help of his maternal grandfather), while Ivanka gained only a basic understanding of her mother’s native tongue, and Eric was not exposed to the language since, by the time of his birth, his grandparents were comfortable using English.

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