University of West Georgia Professor Richard Sigman Is Arrested For The Murder Of Anna Jones

A former University of West Georgia professor was arrested on suspicion of killing and shooting an 18-year-old woman in broad daylight, leaving a tiny community in mourning.

Detectives from the Carrollton Police Department report that at around 12:30 a.m., officers were called to Tanner Medical Center in reference to a lady who had arrived at the location shot. The 47-year-old Richard Sigman was then taken to jail by Carroll County.

The woman, Jones, allegedly suffered injuries while in the courthouse parking structure off Adamson Square, according to police.

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Obituary: UWG Student Anna Jones Death And Shooting

Anna Jones, a UWG student, was fatally shot on Friday night and was declared dead at the hospital on Saturday morning, according to  A spokesman from the university said Jones was enrolled at UWG as a freshman. She had recently received her high school diploma from Mount Zion.

Even though Jones was registered to attend UWG in the fall, according to the police, she was not one of Sigman’s students. They claimed that Sigman was drunk when the altercation and shooting took place. On Saturday afternoon, the University of West Georgia issued a statement confirming Jones’ demise and Sigman’s termination.

“We are writing to let you know that Anna Jones, a recent graduate of the MZHS Class of 2022, passed away. Many people will miss Anna terribly because of her passion for this school and our community, “A representative posted on social media.

UWG Professor Richard Sigman Arrested & Charged For The Murder Of Anna Jones

Following his arrest and accusations of murder, aggravated assault, and firearm possession in the shooting death of an 18-year-old student, Richard Sigman, a UWG professor, was suspended.

He is charged with murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and having a gun while committing a criminal act. According to the early evidence, the 47-year-old and another man got into a verbal confrontation at Leopoldo’s Pizza at 102 Adamson Square, according to the authorities.

According to the authorities, the person told security that Sigman had threatened to shoot him.

Security approached the professor and discovered he was carrying a gun, so they told him to leave. According to the inquiry, Sigman then entered the parking garage and began firing, striking the victim as he did so.

It was made clear by the police that the wounds on the subject in the picture were not their fault. He was wounded when he was found.

Insights On Anna Jone’s Parents & Family

Following Jones’ tragic death, her family and friends started a campaign to help with funeral expenses. Authorities have not yet provided any information on her parents or other family members.

Dr. Brendan Kelly, President of UWG, sent his condolences to Anna’s family and numerous friends on behalf of the institution. The institution announced that they are assisting the police with their continuing investigation.