What Does Hudson Mohawke’s CBAT Song Go Viral Have to Do With Reddit?

Glasgow-born Ross Matthew Birchard, better known by his stage name Hudson Mohawke, is a Scottish producer, songwriter, and DJ. He is well known for having had a big influence on contemporary hip-hop and electronic music.

He was a founding member of the UK label collective LuckyMe, and the late 2000s wonky movement benefited greatly from his fragmented, vibrant brand of hip-hop.

His debut album Butter was released by Warp Records in 2009. Lantern (2015) and Cry Sugar, his next two Warp solo albums, were released in (2022).

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Song By Hudson Mohawke Cbat On Reddit And TikTok

DJ Hudson Mohawke was well-liked on Twitter for a very funny reason. The musician gained attention after a Reddit user claimed his fiancee detested a playlist he had created while spending their nights together.

Funny memes of the producer’s reactions when he realized why he was trending on Twitter after the story went viral were all over the platform. Reddit user u/TylerLife published a story two days ago.


According to Hudson, he initially felt uneasy in bed and sought out music to help him relax with his partners. He insisted that he had been instructed to create a playlist whose beats made him feel comfortable.

It just so happened that Hudson Mohawke’s 2011 song Cbat was on the playlist. The Redditor claimed that his partner told him that the song “turns her off in a huge way” and that she dislikes it after hearing it on the playlist for almost two years.

He went on to say that even though they hadn’t listened to the playlist collectively, his partner had insisted that he had been “thrusting to the melody” he was hearing in his head. She likewise urged him to halt.

The story was very entertaining to those who read it, and they commented on social media. Many people were eagerly awaiting Mohawke’s response to the situation in the meantime.

Hudson Mohawke Net Worth In 2022

The 36-year-old Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke is worth between $100,000 and $1 million. The main source of income for Hudson Mohawke is his popularity as a DJ.

He is a native of Scotland. A Scottish DJ and producer, along with Lunice, makes up one-half of the well-known duo TNGHT. In 2013, he began serving as an internal producer for Kanye West’s GOOD Music label.

His “genre-smashing” producing style, in which various musical genres are incorporated, twisted, and bounced against one another, has gained him more recent recognition than his turntable work.

The Aphex Twin did for techno, according to DJ Pete Tong at Birchard’s first Essential Mix in 2009. He is doing the same for hip-hop.

He also has a magnificent home and an incredible collection of vehicles. He earned every penny through his labor of love, and he is deserving of all the fame and success he has attained to this point.