Why Did Mark Valley and His Wife Divorce? Details About His Daughter, His Marriage, and More

Mark Valley is known for keeping his personal affairs out of the spotlight, and his most recent relationship was with his ex-wife, Anna Trov. Born on December 24, 1964, in Ogdensburg, New York, USA.

His parents are Martha Valley and Michael Valley (mother). Though nothing is known about his family, he has three siblings: Marine Valley, Lynne Valley, and Jennifer Valley.

Relationship Between Mark Valley and His Ex-Wife Anna Torv

The relationship between Mark Valley and his ex-wife Anna Torv started out as a very private one. They collaborated on the television series Fringe, which represented their on-screen chemistry and love


They didn’t let anyone they knew know they were dating one other in secret. It wasn’t declared until after the couple wed and everyone learned what had happened.

In December 2008, during the holiday season, the former couple secretly married. They might have married soon after Mark Valley turned 45, according to the sources.

However, unexpectedly, the couple’s circumstances did not work out well, and by April 2010, the former couple had made the decision to call it quits.

People didn’t learn about their breakup until the sources broke the news, according to the sources. Additionally, they learned that the couple had been living apart for a few months.

Valley has kept a very low profile ever then about his relationships and dating life.

Anna Torv has also experienced similar things in her life. She moved to her native Australia shortly after the lockdown started after first residing in LA because the pandemic hit hard.

Additionally, she published a piece explaining how she “maintains a separate boundary between private and public personalities.” There were numerous rumors that the actor was gay and that his marriage to Torv was merely a calculated move toward a publicity stunt.

Some of the stories or ideas that were circulated said that it was either done to dispel the gay rumors or to achieve some popularity. People similarly believed that Torv was gay or bisexual.

However, on a podcast appearance, the actor Valley also acknowledged that he is a straight man.

Mark Valley’s Past Relationship and Daughter

Before he rose to popularity and became a prominent figure in the entertainment business, Valley became a loving father to a sweet girl. He was raised and born in New York, and after high school, he joined a military college.

Later, he enrolled in the USMA at West Point, New York, where he eventually graduated in 1987. His first kid, a girl called Sherri, was born in the same year.

He went into detail about his experiences and how his first few days as a father went during his appearance on Father Time with Jamie Kaler.

He describes how his daughter was born when he was still in college and very young. He was unsure about what he should be doing because his partner was carrying him at such a young age.

Although Valley and his ex-girlfriend remained friends, they reached a compromise and settlement for their daughter Sherri.

He remembers his early struggles as a father and a fledgling performer. He struggled to pay child support because he earned a pitiful amount of money.

Sherri was a Rochester resident at the time of the interview but now calls New York home. She was a community college student and a pilates instructor.

Mark Valley: Net Worth and Salary

There isn’t much information available about his earnings, but according to certain sources, his net worth is about $3 million.