Bryce Hall: Is He Single? Is he gay? The viral kissing video! Who Is the TikTok Star Dating?

Nowadays, with all the amazing social media platforms and technology available, it is really simple to become well-known and popular.

People now have many opportunities to display their ability on social media and make a nice living.

Bryce Hall is one of those individuals who gained from such a platform to become popular and well-known. He has developed a huge fan base among his fan base and prompted interest in his personal life an

d love interests.

Bryce Hall, a popular TikTok user, previously garnered attention for his relationship with Addison Rae. Hall has become a household name when his fans dig into his love life, especially from his past relationship with Rae.

Are Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Dating?

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have experienced some highs and lows together, despite the fact that they are not currently dating.

They dated for a while before breaking up in 2019. The two maintained a tight bond even after their breakup, which gave rise to rumors that they were secretly dating.

However, a year later, the couple advanced their romance by going public in 2020.

There, they discussed what they had done two months prior and claimed to be cool buddies who were simply having fun.

According to Bryce Hall, they never really got into significant, sad fights and were not very on and off.

Hall noted how both of them are so feisty and kind at the same time, even if they got into arguments.

After only a few short months of dating, Addison Rae revealed that she and Bryce had broken up in 2021. She continued by saying that although they were not in a relationship, she sent Bryce Hall her best wishes for happiness.

Although there have been rumors that Bryce Hall had an affair with Addison Rae, nothing of the sort has been proved, and it appears that Addison Rae has moved on with guitarist Omer Fendi.

Is Bryce Hall Bisexual? Fans Speculate if the TikTok Star Is Gay

Due to these experiences, many of their admirers appear to believe that Bryce Hall may be bisexual. While reacting to this Vlog where he was seen kissing other males, Bryce had denied this.

In the video, Bryce commented, “On a side note, I kissed 10 dudes for my last Vlog, and it flopped.”

When questioned why he did what he did, Bryce responded that he would never do it again because it wasn’t generating any views on TikTok.

It’s conceivable that Bryce and Ari were playing pranks on the reporters because they were both getting photographed and they understood what they were doing.

Fans believe Bryce is bisexual despite the fact that he has not yet commented on the images.

Bryce Hall Kissing Ari Aguirre Picture Goes Viral

On July 23, a photo of Bryce Hall kissing Ari Aguirre becomes viral. Who took the photo was a truth that is still completely unclear. Tana Mongeau, who was there at the gathering, commented on the photo on Twitter as well.

She had written, “I turn my back for 1-second HAHAHAHAHA,” as the caption for the photo. In support of this claim, Ari Aguirre posted an Instagram story in which he referred to Bryce Hall as his “boyfriend.”

In the video that got viral, Bryce Hall can be heard saying: “Remember when we kissed.” And to this, Ari replies, “Oh, it happened?” and following this comment, Bryce says, “Yes.” Due to such comments and activities, fans think that Bryce might be bisexual.