Cyclist Discovers Suitcase With Missing Woman’s Body in Arizona Desert

On Saturday, a bicycle out for an early morning ride in the Arizona desert came across a terrible discovery along the side of the road: a suitcase full with the remains of a woman.

That woman, now identified as 39-year-old Jennifer Beede, is being honored on social media by loved ones as a “wonderful friend” who was “really the best.”

Arizona authorities have provided few details about Beede’s disappearance and death, but they have acknowledged that it is being investigated as a homicide.

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The bicyclist discovered Beede’s body around 6:45 a.m. in Carefree, Arizona, roughly 35 miles north of Phoenix. In addition to phoning 911, the rider who discovered the remains shared her terrifying experience on the social networking site Nextdoor.

According to Fox 3, the woman wrote, “I came across a suitcase in the middle of the desert that appeared to be nothing more than a piece of junk, and I decided to take a closer look at it.” “…I noticed it had a head.” I believed I saw a leg, a knee, or something poking out of the ground since it was damp.”

When police arrived, they verified the worst: there was a body in the luggage, and the deceased woman was eventually identified as Beede.

Authorities have not identified a possible suspect or motive for the 39-year-death. old’s It is unknown how long Beede’s body was left on the side of the road.

Friends of Beede, who resided in Phoenix and went by the handle “Jay” on Facebook, paid tribute to her on Sunday after her name was disclosed by authorities.

Rogelio Contreras stated in a post that he “would’ve never dreamed I’d have to say goodbye to u like this” after calling her a great friend and his homegirl.

Another friend commented on Contreras’ second post, which was full with photographs of Beede smiling on a boat, saying, “her grin makes me smile.”

“She honestly was the finest,” Amanda Raelynn McDowell wrote. “I wish I still had all of our photos together.” Life won’t be the same now that she’s not just a phone call away.”