Is Conan Gray Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? Here’s What We Know About His Partner

American singer-songwriter Conan Gray is a talented musician who became well-known for songs like Maniac and Heather.

Kid Krow, his first studio album, reached number five on the US Billboard 200 when it was released.

Gray has been referred to be a pop, Indie pop, acoustic pop, and bedroom pop musician.


Not to mention that Gray launched his career on YouTube in 2013 when he created a channel. And he only recently began creating videos at the age of 15.

He is now a well-known figure who keeps strengthening the foundation of his enormous career.

People are interested in Gray’s personal life, particularly his sexuality and partner, in addition to his remarkable work, which frequently makes headlines.

His bisexuality has been the subject of numerous conjectures from various people. Many people began to question the validity of Gray’s being straight.

We have listed all the information around the questions about his bisexuality, dating history, relationship, and more below after gathering all the relevant information.

Is Conan Gray Gay, Bisexual, or Straight?

Famous singer Conan Gray is rumored to be gay, and his sexuality has been a matter of concern to many people.

People began to speculate about Gray’s bisexuality because he utilizes both men and women as the objects of his affection in his lyrics.

Fans hardly ever thought of him as heterosexual. Many people were outraged by his dating someone, being bisexual, and other things.

Conan Gray sexual orientation—gay, bisexual, or straight—has never been officially established. Gray has also been questioned about his sexuality numerous times, but he always avoids them.

But at one point, Gray addressed the issue and urged people to quit trying to categorize his sexuality in a Twitter tweet. Gray asked them to listen to his music instead of performing the task.

Therefore, the specifics of his sexual orientation continue to be a mystery. Conan Gray hasn’t confirmed or denied the claims that he’s gay.

Conan Gray’s Partner: Who Is She Dating?

Moving on, a lot of people have been curious about Conan Gray’s love life.

His admirers had various theories about Gray maybe dating Driver’s License singer Olivia Rodrigo.

Additionally, they had worked together to make fun of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of Fearless. It was later discovered that they were simply close friends. As a result, it is unclear who Gray is dating and who his current companion is.

Like many other celebrities, Gray is also a private person, and he rarely talks about his love life openly.

Additionally, his love life is still somewhat of a mystery, but fans are eager to solve it.

How Conan Gray and Ashley Are Related

Ashley and Conan Gray have a close relationship.

Many YouTube videos featuring them together may be found there. However, admirers are curious about their relationship.

According to rumors, Ashley and Gray are close friends. Since the seventh grade, when they became best friends, they have remained close.

Gray cares deeply for his best friend. Not only that, but he also composed a song called Astronomy about Ashley.

Similar to this, Gray made mention of Ashley and dedicated the entire song to her in his song Best Friend. Ashley was born in 1998, and every year on October 19th, she blows out her birthday candle. Ashley will be 23 years old in 2022.