Andrew Tate’s teeth: what happened to them? Do The Controversial Misogynistic Kickboxer and Lori Harvey Date?

Emory Andrew Tate III, an American-British kickboxer who once competed professionally, is a well-known social media influencer right now.

The former kickboxer rose to fame in 2016 after being taken off of the reality TV show Big Brother because of a video showing him abusing a woman.

He continued to gain publicity online even after Twitter banned him for saying that women should “bear the responsibility” for being sexually assaulted.

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Mr. Tate said the video had been changed after he was taken out of Big Brother, calling it “a blatant fabrication intended to make myself feel bad.”

Social media influencers now face a new problem as a result of Andrew Tate’s suspension from Facebook and Instagram for violating Meta’s guidelines.

What Happened To Andrew Tate’s Teeth?

If you look carefully at Andrew Tate’s photos, you might even notice that his teeth are not square. The social media influencer’s upper and lower teeth are in bad condition.

Colgate claims that crooked teeth may be genetic. Crowding, jaw size, jaw shape, having an excessive number of teeth (hyperdontia), overbites, underbites, and poor dental or palate growth are a few conditions that can run in your family.

A Twitter user said on July 28, 2022, “Andrew Tate has all that money, and HASNT FIXED HIS TEETH???”

Is Andrew Tate Dating Lori Harvey?

The model Lori Harvey and actor Andrew Tate are said to be dating. There is no hard evidence to substantiate the 25-year-relationship old’s with Andrew, despite the fact that he previously dated the rapper Future and the actor Michael B. Jordan.

She recently ended things with her actor fiancé, according to PEOPLE, saying that he had changed significantly throughout their relationship and was ready to settle down for the long term.

She essentially became a trend as a result of social media speculations that an adult video clip had surfaced. According to reports, the model and skincare business founder’s name was trending on Twitter coupled with the word “tape,” suggesting that she may have an adult film.

According to Capital Xtra, on Thursday, August 18, her name was trending on social media as some people speculated that there might be a video of Harvey

How Much Money Does Andrew Tate Have? Net Worth 2022

Andrew claimed that his net worth is somewhere between $300 and 350 million during an interview.

The internet star, according to, is worth $250 million. On his website, the ex-kickboxer, 35, calls himself a “three-time ISKA Kickboxing World Champion and Enfusion Live winner.”