Who Is Sonoya Mizuno Boyfriend? Facts About The House Of The Dragon Actress

Sonoya Mizuno a British model and actress was born and raised in Japan. The ballet dancer has appeared in the films Ex Machina, Annihilation, and Devs by director Alex Garland.

La La Land, Beauty and the Beast, and Crazy Rich Asians are just a few of the Hollywood productions that featured Mizuno. Sonoya has additionally made an appearance in the Maniac Netflix miniseries.

With her role in the brand-new hit series The House Of Dragons, the British actress has never had greater popularity, and many people are curious to learn more about her.

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Who Is Sonoya Mizuno’s Boyfriend?

British actress Sonoya Mizuno has been quite open about her career life in public, but the actress has kept quiet about her personal life.

Similar to this, little information about her love life has appeared in the media. The actress could be single or secretly dating someone.

Mizuno has consistently insisted that her romantic life is private. Additionally, the actress has never even been the subject of relationship rumors to this point.

Sonoya has also posted a few photographs on her social media accounts, all of which seem to be based on her professional career.

Despite this, the artist seems to be quite committed to her work at the moment, leaving little time for personal relationships.

What We Know About Mizuno’s Parents And Ethnicity

Since Mizuno is British yet was born and raised in Japan, many of her fans could be confused about her ancestry. Sonoya’s father is Hajime Mizuno, a Japanese man, and her mother is Saya Mizuno, who is of mixed Japanese and Argentinian and British ancestry.

The British actress has one brother, and two sisters, and is the youngest of the three. Mizuno has two sisters, Miya Mizuno and Mariya Mizuno, as well as a brother called Tomoya Mizuno.

Talking about her physical appearance Japanese-British actress is approximately 58 kilograms tall and 5 feet 7 inches wide. At the age of 20, Mizuno began working as a professional model in London with Profile Models She has since collaborated with brands like Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

Net Worth Of House of the Dragon Actress In 2022

Sonoya Mizuno has acquired substantial wealth as a result of her reputation for flexibility in acting, dance, and creative activities. She is thought to be worth $1.5 million, according to estimates.

Mizuno’s net worth is predicted to rise even more now that she has been cast in the highly anticipated series The House of Dragon.

Sonoya has dreamed of becoming an actor since she was a young girl. Even when she was just nine years old, the British actress enrolled in a nearby dance school.

On the recommendation of her ballet teacher, Mizuno went to London’s Royal Dance School for an audition. Mizuno was picked and studied classical ballet there for ten years.