Malik Yoba: Is he gay? Facts Worth Knowing About His Life, Marriage, and Wife Cat Wilson

Malik Yoba, an American actor who also sings on occasion, is well-known for his parts in the movies Cool Runnings and the Fox police thriller New York Undercover. Additionally, he played Special Agent Bill Harken in several programs, including “Alphas.”

He was also Vernon Turner in the Empire series and Jim Hudson in the film Revolution.

Malik Yoba is a well-known actor who has established a name for himself in the film industry. Yoba has been in the headlines for a number of different reasons other just his talent and his numerous film

roles, though.

Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson’s Marriage

Cat Wilson is a well-known American singer and actress who is well recognized for her role in movies. She is also Malik Yoba’s wife. Malik Yoba’s wife is Cat Wilson, and the two were united in marriage on December 21st, 2003, in a private ceremony.

Two children, Josiah Yoba and Pria Yoba were born into Cat and Malik’s relationship.

Nevertheless, Yoba also has a Dena, a daughter from a prior relationship. Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson were lovers for a few years before calling it quits.

Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson were split up in 2010.

Since both of them are career-driven, it turns out that the grounds for their separation were due to their respective busy schedules.

While Malik Yoba was still married to Cat Wilson, there were rumors that he was dating someone else. Well, a lot of people think that this might be one of the primary causes of the couple’s breakup in 2006.

Gay and Transgender Women

Yoba’s sexual orientation has been the subject of several accusations and media speculation. Malik Yoba declared in 2019 that he was not gay and that he had a strong attraction to women.

In an interview with The Morning Culture on V-103, Malik Yoba discusses his sexual orientation after declaring in a widely circulated post that he was attracted to trans people.

Malik Yoba did, however, reveal that he is a homosexual man in 2019. And even though he was gay, he was drawn to the transsexual ladies in that community.

Yoba, however, has also made a social media announcement confirming his participation in the National Trans Visibility March in Washington, DC.

A trans activist named Mariah Lopez Ebony accused Malik Yoba of having an inappropriate paid relationship with her while she was just a juvenile.

In contrast, Yoba categorically denied the claims in a 2019 interview with The Root’s studios.

Yoba refuted every allegation made by Ebony. Later, Yoba said he had no connection to Ebony and had no knowledge of her.

Malik Yoba’s Net Worth

He receives very nice pay and luck throughout his career. His estimated net worth from his work and career as of 2022 is $4 million. He has established a reputation for himself and is acknowledged as a wealthy individual.