Actor Jacob Elordi of Euphoria Is Gay? More Information on His Sexuality and Relationship

Jacob Elordi became a sensation for his role as a charming, fascinating, and toxic anti-hero on Euphoria, which helped him gain quick popularity as a heartthrob in the rom-com genre. The actor is currently living his life on Hollywood film sets.

In the Netflix series “The Kissing Booth,” he played the role of Noah Flynn, which made him a well-known actor. Along with that, his performance in the HBO miniseries Euphoria helped him get greater popularity.

Jacob Elordi remembers being called gay in school, but the actor now seems to be okay with the rumor. Jacob Elordi, who plays Jacob in Euphoria, shares some of his insights with us as he receives a lot

of love from his followers.

Jacob Elordi Past Dating Rumors

Since the two were spotted on vacation together in Greece more than a year ago, there have been reports that Elordi and Zendaya, 23, are dating.

They were seen socializing in New York City as well. However, as of the right moment, Zendaya appears to be dating Spiderman actor Tom Holland, so everything is all speculation and rumor.

At the Euphoria premiere, he did however mention Zendaya briefly and referred to her as “brilliant” and “beautiful” while speaking to ET.

The fact that he is a huge fan of Zendaya and that working with her was a fantastic experience for him was also highlighted.

However, her co-stars consistently say things like this, and it makes sense considering that she is a talented and attractive actor.

Jacob Elordi’s Sexuality and Gender?

There is no clear information regarding his sexuality.

Elordi has certainly been questioned frequently about his sexuality and gender, but the answers haven’t always been apparent.

Elordi remarked that he has truly liked performing and dressing as the female gender in his extremely exceptional performance in Euphoria as a character who has performed a similar role.

The actor said in a recent interview that he does not want to lose the fullness of who he is as a child and as an adult in response to a query regarding his sexuality.

He continued by stating that it would be extremely unfavorable to comment on anything of the like and that he is what he is in his current form.

He continued by claiming that everything about his younger self appeals to him and that he refuses to examine it in any manner objectively.

He wants to take part and see everything for himself.

He started to get passionate about acting and the entertainment industry at the age of 12. In addition to continuing his acting career, he was active in his school’s rugby team and enjoyed playing sports.

Although he exuded confidence, other students referred to him as a “sissy” and questioned his sexuality and orientation.

Jacob Elordi also recalls clearly being called out and classified as “gay” when playing and acting in the theaters while still in school.

He was talented in both acting and sports, but others perceived him differently.