Marilyn Monroe’s body after death

Marilyn Monroe, the subject of a new fictionalized film based on her life, Blonde, had a personal life that pervaded her professional career. Her off-screen romances frequently overshadowed her on-screen relationships. What Happened To Marilyn Monroes Body After She Died? Find out in the article below.

What Happened To Marilyn Monroes Body After She Died?

Marilyn Monore’s psychiatrist broke Marilyn’s window and entered her room to see a dead Marilyn like they were on the bed naked. The police arrived and took her body to a nearby morgue for an autopsy. Many journalists bribed the guards at the morgue and clicked pictures of Marilyn’s corpse. Her body was sexualized and judged to maintain a beauty standard even after her death.

The famous and widely known face’s body was lying in a morgue for an entire day before her second husband, Joe DiMaggio, claimed it. Her makeup artist came to the morgue to dress Marilyn for her f

uneral. Hugh Hefner, the infamous Playboy magazine mogul, was buried alongside Marilyn. This was the same man who used her naked photos in the first playmate edition of the magazine in the 1950s without her permission.

What Happened To Marilyn Monroe?

According to repMarilyn Monroe died from an overdose of sleeping pills in her Brentwood home on August 5, 1962. The 36-year-old had called her psychiatrist the day before, complaining about her inability to sleep. Around 3 a.m., her housekeeper noticed the actress’ bedroom light was turned on. Her psychiatrist summoned the doctor who had prescribed Monroe the sleeping pills, who arrived and pronounced Monroe dead.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Los Angeles home Sunday of an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. Her death made international headlines. “One of the problems with this whole case is that there are so many conflicting stories,” Spada said about her death. Michael Salesman, who worked for Marilyn’s publicist, told People, “No one knows the truth”.

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