Athena Monroe missing Update

  1. Athena Presley Monroe Strand, 7, who was reported missing in Wise County on the evening of November 30 but hasn’t been found, is the focus of an extensive search.
  2. About 150 volunteers and dozens of law enforcement personnel are searching Strand’s neighborhood for the girl.
  3. They started searching on Wednesday night and didn’t stop until Thursday. “Look at the size of the crowd.
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  • We need to rely on each other for this because we are all out here together, regardless of what we are going through. We are all moms “said Chasity Allerkamp, a volunteer.
  • They started by looking in a six-acre area surrounding Strand’s father’s home.
  • However, it has now been extended to include Fort Worth police officers on foot and on horses, the FBI, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Additionally, several K-9 units, heat-seeking drones, and ATVSs were employed.
  • Just to the west of Cottondale, in the area of the 200 block of County Road 3573, Strand was last seen.
  • She was dressed in boots, jeans, and a checkered jacket.
  • Just after 6:30 o’clock on Wednesday night, her stepmother called the sheriff’s office to report her missing.
  • The following afternoon, Strand was the subject of an Amber Alert.
  • The child’s father wasn’t at home when an altercation between Strand and her stepmother allegedly broke out, according to the sheriff’s office.
  • They added that there is no indication of foul play and that Strand most likely fled.
  • Authorities are not, however, saying that someone kidnapped her.
  • Authorities are not, however, saying that someone kidnapped her.
  • Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin stated, “We’re looking at everything from a criminal aspect or just a missing child standpoint so we’re not going to leave anything unturned and we’re not going to put the blinders on either.”
  • The alternatives are endless, and we are considering every one of them.
  • The cold weather is another factor that worries law enforcement officers.
  • Call the Wise County Sheriff’s Office at 940-627-5971 if you have any information about Strand’s whereabouts.