Who Is David Lemieux Father André Lemieux? What Happened To The St-Laurent borough Shooting Victim?

Two persons were killed in a recent shooting in Montreal, and one of them was Andre Lemieux, the father of the boxer David Lemieux. According to the police investigation, two shootings resulted in the deaths of two people, but the gunman is reportedly the same.

Shots were fired in the boroughs of Saint-Laurent and Ahuntsic-Cartierville. Tuesday night, two shootings that were reported within an hour and resulted in two deaths are likely connected and were almost surely carried out by the same shooter, according to Montreal police.

The two victims who were shot in the boroughs of Ahunstic-Cartierville and Saint-Laurent were chosen at random. The Montreal police have not yet made any arrests in relation to either incident.

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With these two most recent fatalities, SPVM reports that there have been 17 killings in the city this year. In a tweet, Montreal mayor Valérie Plante called the two most recent homicides “heinous.” On Thursday, politicians from all tiers of government are anticipated to reveal new funding for the fight against gang violence.

Obituary: Who Is André Lemieux? David Lemieux Father

Andre Lemieux is the father of David Lemieux, according to his obituary. Aznive Khavloudjian, his wife, and he divorced each other. They had just one son.

David’s parents separated a few years after his birth, and he moved in with his mother. She eventually wed Garo Melekian, who also served as David’s mentor and adopted her two children.

David’s father, Andre, was reportedly one of the two individuals murdered in the incident. The boxer posted a confirmation on his Facebook and Instagram that his father had passed away. He uploaded a photo of himself and his father with the words “RIP Dad.”

The terrible incident was “quite fresh,” according to David’s spokesperson Andréanne Lambert, and the family would not be making any public statements.

Lemieux has an extensive criminal history, but his most recent sentence came after he admitted guilt to a theft he committed in 2008. He was sentenced to three years of probation plus community service.

Lemieux pleaded guilty to simple narcotics possession in 2008 and received a 90-day jail term.

André Lemieux? Shooting And Death Cause: What Happened?

Andre Lemieux was shot and killed. Bullet wounds were the cause of the 64-year- old’s death.  He took at least one shot to the upper body. Andre was given the death knell before getting to the hospital.

Jukes-Poitras Boulevard was the residence of David’s father, according to court records. The place was near the scene of the incident. He was also facing a legal case since he was accused of narcotics use and driving while intoxicated.

Police say that despite there being two shootings at different locations, they are almost certain that the same shooter is responsible. Although it is believed that the killer picked the victims at random, the investigation is still ongoing.

David Lemieux Family Details

David Lemieux was born to Andre Lemieux and Aznive Khavloudjian. After giving birth to a boy who was two years David’s senior, the couple divorced.

After his father had left, David was born. David’s mentor was an Armenian named Garo Melekian, who adopted the two kids when his mother remarried and raised them.

Lemieux went to the neighborhood Saint-François-de-Laval school in the Ahuntsic neighborhood of Montréal, but he struggled in class and preferred to hang out on the streets. He was ultimately expelled from school for taking part in street fights on the streets.

He started training in Ring 83 in Ahuntsic at the request of Lemieux’s neighbor, boxer Baha Laham, who gave him advice on how to focus.