Mully Net Worth and Income

Mully is estimated to have a Net worth of  $1.5 million.

Mully’s job as a YouTuber and social media influencer brought him this enormous wealth.

As of 2022, Mully, his main YouTube channel, had more than 5.66 million subscribers. He started using the site for video sharing on April 1, 2019, and less than 2.5 years later, this ch

annel has more than 700 million views.

He also controls Sleepymully and Mully 3, two other YouTube channels. As of December 2022, Sleepymully had 531k subscribers and around 60 million views. His third channel, Mully 3, on the other hand, is unexpected.

Although 112k people have subscribed to the channel, he has yet to upload any content.

His monthly YouTube channel profits, according to reports, range from $1,700 to $27,800. This represents a staggering $20,900 to $3,33,800 every year.

Due to brand advertisements on his channels, he must have made a significant amount of money.

He occasionally makes amusing reaction videos that the crowd enjoys, in addition to his gaming vlogs. He responded to some of the humorous situations that were captured on camera in a film called Extreme Shock COLLAR You Laugh You Lose! that was released ten days ago.

On social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, he is very active. His Instagram account, which has a whopping 772k followers, displays his luxurious way of living.

Who Is Mully?

Mully is 28 years old Youtuber who was born in Australia on January 7, 1994. He is presently a Sydney resident.

Mully is an Australian YouTuber who specializes in virtual reality. Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million. Mully rose to fame by publishing gaming-related material on YouTube.

For reaching milestone subscriber counts on his numerous YouTube channels, he was awarded renowned silver and golden buttons.

He works with The Boys, a well-known YouTube collective made up of EddieVR, JoshDub, Your Narrator, and JuicyFruitSnacks.

Mully Is A Member Of ‘The Boys’ YouTube group

Mully, an Australian YouTuber who specializes in gaming, now works with The Boys, a YouTuber group.

A cooperative group called The Boys routinely films movies of themselves acting out reactions or engaging in games. The Boys’ interactions with one another are a big part of the humor in their videos, which include skits and scenarios.

While they each had their individual YouTube channels, on August 8th they formed a channel named “The Boys” where they could upload their joint works.

The channel was started on 10 April 2020, yet in less than 2.5 years, there are already 3.9 million subscribers. He also opened storefront selling products, including sweatshirts, beanies, T-shirts, socks, slippers, and other accessories. He must also be making a respectable income from the merchandise.

He was formerly a member of the Click YouTube group, which was exclusively Australian. The Click members appeared in games or challenges that were based on actual events on the channel.

He must have earned significant money thanks to different brand advertisements on his channels.

Apart from his gaming vlogs, he occasionally posts hilarious reaction videos that the audience likes. One such video was released ten days ago titled, Extreme Shock COLLAR You Laugh You Lose!, where he reacted to some of the comedic moments captured on the camera.

He is highly active on social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His Instagram account boasts a massive 772k followers and showcases his luxurious lifestyle.

Born7th January 1994
Net Worth$1.5 million
Youtube ChanelMully