YouTuber iDubbbz Gets Married to His Better Half! Who Is His Wife? More About the Couple

iDubbbz is one of the most adored and well-known YouTube stars in the United States born on Ian Washburn. On August 18, 2012, he launched his primary channel, iDubbbzTV, which today has more than 7.74 million subscribers.

Along with that, he also manages iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames.

YouTuber iDubbbz Gets Married to His Better
YouTuber iDubbbz Gets Married to His Better

In addition, iDubbbz gained more media attention in 2017 when he released the diss single Asian Jake Paul in response to Jake Paul. The song was ranked and reached its highest position on the US R&B

/HH Digital Song Sales chart at position 24.

The career of iDubbbz is rather impressive, and he is not only well-known for his online persona but also for his affectionate marriage to Anissa Jomha.

iDubbbz Is Married to His Wife

Due of his marriage, iDubbbz frequently makes headlines. For your information, iDubbbz is married, but he first chose to keep it a secret, leading some of his admirers to speculate that he might be gay.

He previously claimed to be gay, but then admitted he wasn’t because fans knew he was dating another content producer, Anisa Jomha.

The two allegedly first connected in 2016, and they later admitted that they were introduced at Twitchcon.

So they started dating, and in April 2021, after a while of being together, the couple announced their engagement. In June 2021, IDubbbz and Jomha exchanged wedding vows after only two months of dating.

During his successful period, Jomha was with iDubbz. Thus, after being linked with onlyfans, both of them briefly rose to fame. After learning that his wife had begun using onlyfans in March 2020, iDubbz’s followers trolled him on social media.

At the time, he has also branded a simp, but subsequently, in response to the issue, iDubbbz acknowledged that he loved his partner and was okay with her choices.

As a result, they are now both content in their relationship and frequently travel together. On their social media accounts, the power couple frequently posts photos. You should know that they both work in the same industry and are successful, but what is their total net worth? Find out

How Much Is iDubbbz Net Worth?

The majority of iDubbz’s profits come from YouTube because of the huge number of subscribers he has gathered across all of his channels. He shares a variety of engaging stuff from his channels, which draws his followers.

Additionally, iDubbbz receives a lot of views and favorable feedback on his videos, which undoubtedly aids in his ability to generate a sizable profit. Given this information, we can estimate that iDubbbz’s net worth is close to $1 million.

Additionally, iDubbbz earns money from sponsorship. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, if iDubbbz runs Instagram adverts, he may make between $2,547.75 and $4,246.25 on a single post.