Nessa Barrett Tattoos Are Tributes to Her Boyfriend – Everything You Need To Know!

Nessa Barrett got a tattoo that she dedicated to her late friend, her mother, and her lover.
Janesa Jaida Barrett, better known by her stage name Nessa Barrett, is one of the most loved American singers and composers who have been involved in the music business since 2019. Barrett gained media attention in 2019 after posting a video to TikTok.

Pain, If U Love Me, La Di Die, and I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead are a few of the well-known songs. Barrett has a huge fan base as a result of her great voice. And if you have followed Barrett for a while, you undoubtedly know how much he loves getting tattoos.

Her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler was the person she was previously dating. According to rumors, the former couple got tattoos of the number 3 on their bodies. In order to honor her boyfriend, Barrett inke

d such tattoos. For more on this fascinating subject, keep reading.

Nessa Barrett’s Tattoos Are Tributes to Her Boyfriend

As everyone is aware, Nessa Barrett and her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler once dated. The former lovers allegedly have tattoos of the number 3 on their bodies, according to Seventeen. It was disclosed in an Instagram story that the tattoo was created by Isaac Pelayo.

Speaking of the tattoo, Hossler had it done on the right side of his neck whereas Barret had it done on her left thumb. The tattoos’ true meaning, however, is still unknown. The number (3), according to one social media user, serves as a reminder to pay attention to your heart. So, when it comes to love, it is a special number.

So, it may be said that by getting identical tattoos, the two paid gratitude to one another. Their photos can still be accessible online, and the matching tattoo attracted a lot of media attention.

More on Nessa Barrett’s Amazing Tattoos

Nessa Barrett like tattoos, as was already mentioned. Barrett spoke with Elite Daily in November 2020, and during that interview, she discussed her tattoo. She also disclosed that she enjoys getting tattoos that are connected to her personal life and music.

The ribcage has the writing HEAVY SOUL on it. There are other tattoos too, in the same fashion. Two butterflies are visible in her right hand. Accordingly, it was said to be a remembrance of her buddy Cooper Noriega, who died on June 9, 2022.

She has also stated, “I loved you at the darkest,” in writing. It’s interesting to note that her mother also has an identical tattoo there. In order to keep each other in mind, the mother and daughter got the same line tattooed.

Barrett also got a spider tattoo on her left arm at a period when she was experiencing mental health issues. This indicates that Barrett enjoys using tattoos as a means of expressing her emotions. Let’s now examine her current romantic situation.

Is Nessa Barrett Dating Someone? A Look at Her Relationship Status

Currently single, Nessa Barrett is in no relationship. She, therefore, has no boyfriend and is not dating anyone. She did, however, formerly have a romantic involvement with Jaden Hossler.

They have been dating on and off since October 2019. They announced their breakup after spending some enjoyable times together, and they are now moving apart. But it’s believed that they still get along well. Barrett also had a connection with Josh Richards, a popular TikTok user. In January 2020, the couple confirmed their engagement. They revealed their separation in March 2021 after dating for a while.