Ruth Codd: Who Is She on TikTok? What We Know About The TikToker Is As Follows

Ruth Codd is a popular TikToker who made films for the app.

She has taken a different road in terms of her profession because she is now pursuing a career as an actress. One of her career’s major steps has been this. She is the lead character in the recently launched Netflix horror series The Midnight Club.

Despite the fact that this is her first acting role, she has a huge audience because many people are familiar with her Tiktok videos.

Who Is Ruth Codd On TikTok?

A well-known TikTok celebrity on the platform is Ruth Codd.

Her unbridled enthusiasm, razor-sharp humor, and vibrant vibrancy have won her a thousand fans. When she was 24 years old in April 2020, she started uploading TikTok. She has 20.5 million likes and over 672k followers in 2021.

She worked as a cosmetic artist and a barber before beginning her TikTok career. Her TikTok videos gained more popularity since they were hilarious and well-liked.

Her videos were based on her experiences growing up in Ireland and living in lockdown. She also created content for the platform to promote awareness of disabilities and amputees.

Ruth Codd’s interview with TikTok

In 2021, Ruth participated in a Tiktok interview. She stated during the interview that she cherished the TikTok app because it encouraged people to be strange, particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

She decided to share her content on Tiktok because she likes how it is short, clear, and to the point. Similar to that, editing videos on it is simple, which is great for her as she lacks technical knowledge.

She expressed her admiration for Tadpole Girl and her army of amphibians on Tiktok. She cherished watching Gordon Ramsay wash out non-cooks.

Ruth Codd doesn’t appear to be on Tiktok right now. Additionally, it appears that her Tiktok account is not accessible on the website. She appears to have stopped producing tikTok in favor of concentrating on her acting career.

Her fans had expressed worries regarding her lack of activity on Tiktok or the deletion of her accounts.

How Old Is Ruth Codd?

  • Ruth Codd was born in 1996, making her 26 years old.
  • At the age of 24, she started using Tiktok and gained a lot of fans.
  • When she was 26 years old, she decided to pursue a career in acting.
  • On October 7, the horror television series The Midnight Club made her acting debut.
  • She appears to be focusing on her acting career.
  • Her fans and the general public are eager to see the film and see her in her acting debut.
  • She is roughly 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  • She herself has amputations.
  • Although she had fractured feet at the age of 15, she only had her leg amputated when she was 23.
  • During her interview with teen vogue, she talked about getting an amputation and having food that was damaged.
  • Before having her leg amputated, she underwent a number of operations, some of which were successful for a while but failed and left her back on crutches.
  • She said that all of these things befell her when she believed she was invincible, but she had to discover early on that life rarely goes as planned.
  • She became more resilient as a result of the event.
  • She was appreciative of being able to do simple things like walking, riding a bike, and riding her horse.
  • It teaches you not to take things for granted, she claimed.
  • She remarked that accepting something takes time and related how losing her limb had changed her life.
  • The best thing she ever did, according to her, was having her leg amputated.
  • In an interview with Teen Vogue on October 7, Ruth discussed her decision to stop using Tiktok.
  • She admitted that her meteoric rise to fame on Tiktok came quite accidentally.
  • After being fired from her job as a barber due to COVID, she founded Tiktok.
  • Codd enjoyed working on Tiktok at first, but it soon started to feel more like a job.
  • She believed life was too short and no longer had the desire to do anything.
  • However, she is appreciative of the Tiktok platform because it helped her become noticed and secure a role in the film.
  • She is appreciative of the Tiktotk subscribers she had.

Ruth Codd’s Net Worth In 2022

Actress Ruth Codd has an estimated fortune of $800,000.

Her work as a makeup artist and tiktok star has brought in thousands of dollars for her. She will now make money from her acting profession.

She appears to possess a large sum of money. She has made money from her work as a cosmetics artist and barber. She had a large following and was active as a Tiktok star for roughly two years. It’s also possible that she made money from it.

She started out in the beauty and barber industries. She also served as a crucial makeup artist for the 2020 short film Scustin: The Killer.

Her first job in the entertainment sector was this one.

She joined Tiktoko when she was 24 years old in 2020, but she recently left the platform.